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Require Internet Access

Posted by peteros - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by peteros - 4 years ago

Thanks Bartyb - good advice!

Mobile signal is not so good. I barely get 3G.

I think you are indicating that if I go the satelite way then I would need a 2nd dish. That seems overkill.

So even though we have no need of a landline, I suspect it may be worth getting one installed just to be able to get decent broadband. I will check out the maison secondaire deal at France Telecom...

rgds Peter


Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

Satellite broadband is great BUT, if you can have a landline that is the way to go. France Telecom do a maison secondaire deal.

Or, if you have a decent mobile signal you could just use your smart phone as an access point or consider buying a 3/4g router, during the course of the year roaming charges are being abolished (Three Mobile have already scrapped them) so you could use a UK sim card.

If you can'd do either of the above then satellite is an option but it uses dedicated kit, and it's not just a case of reusing the existing dish.