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Rising Damp

Posted by Lindag - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 5 years ago

Ditto hillhead. Lindag meter's that are used to detect damp are very sensative in fact to sensative and will show a reading with any damp at all. although the reading looks and sounds bad to you it may actually not be. as hillhead said look at ventilation first. Move furniture away from walls clean any mould off with clear diluted bleach. leave for couple weeks see if mould returns. 

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Posted by hillhead - 5 years ago

If the walls are so damp that you have mould growing I would first look to the ventilation and heating of the house.

If the walls are cold then you will get condensation on them, especially behind furniture which is close to the wall.

Is the house well ventilated, and do you produce a lot of water vapour from cooking and clothes drying and such?

Lots of info here 


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Posted by Lindag - 5 years ago

Hi - it is a brick/breeze block house built in the 1950s.  I have had a damp company out to look at it and the water content in the walls is very high - I am also seeing mold and the walls feel damp. 


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Posted by countrydweller - 5 years ago

Many damp problems in old French houses if not caused by the problems suggested by diversolo1 are often down to owners rendering the house with non breathing cement render or cement pointing instead of lime and/ or wall papering/painting the walls with gloss paint or other mat erials which are non breathable such as varnish etc.The walls must be able to breathe so if you have eliminated all these problems then a better bet is looking at ceramic tubes which allow air circulation

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Posted by LRV24 - 5 years ago

The outside walls of a brick house in the UK may be about 10cm wide. My French stone house's walls are between 60 and 90 cm wide. Whatever Which says you can't compare one with the other.

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Posted by diversolo1 - 5 years ago


Before you start spending any money, i recommend you checks these items first if you have not done so already

1. is the damp located to one area only?

2. If so is there any pipework is this area, which could be broken?

3. How high is the ground level next to the house?

4. Does the outside ground fall towards the house?

5. Is the inside of the room aired?

6. Is there outside drainage for rain water etc.

All of these and other points need to be looked at before you spend money which might just be any easy fix like digging a trench and filling it with shingle to take water away???? which i hope it is

I hope this helps


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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 5 years ago

Lindag what sort of property isbit you live in brick, stone ?.  plus why do you think you have rising damp. Regards.

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Posted by hillhead - 5 years ago

Are you sure it is rising damp?

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