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Posted by rogerlm - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

Press setup or menu on your remote, if menu scroll to language set preferred language to English set sub titles to English then if its available in vo it will be chosen automatically

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

There are plenty of VO and VM films and series on French TV, indeed it's hard to find an evening without any. I have my TNT box set to English so any programmes default to that if possible. If I watch directly through my TV I have to manually change the language using the language key. Without knowing your remote I wouldn't know exactly where it is. (mine is top right)

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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Would all depend on whether additional languages are broadcast within the stream, digital or analogue (if it's still going?), from a French TV station / channel broadcast probably not, most are simply dubbed and have French as the only option. Couple of the channels just sub-title one or two programs but these are rare, you'll need too look out for them.