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satelite internet ??

Posted by c2oafc-383379 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by sophie hunton - 4 years ago

The best option is rent the gear don't buy it ,normally this is around 10€ a month extra.a consortium is as present raising funds to put up a shed load of satellites around the planet and cover nearly everywhere with WiFi ,but by the time they go up we might have warp drive and be able to beam stuff direct from tesco straight into the kitchen.I pay 54.90€ a month for 20gigs get unlimited from 11pm till 7am phone included and sat TV ,nordnet sent the kit and I put it up myself ,the 54.90 includes 10€ to rent the equipment, contract is for two years,a lot of places are being connected via fibre optic which means some out of the way places might get a signal boost which will improve the land line ADSL speed ,we live in hope.

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

There's 2 systems available in France: TooWay (from Eutelsat) max speeds of 22mbs down and 6 up, in the real world I see speeds of 10mbs+down and 4 or so up


SESbroadband (from Astra) which has max speeds of 20mbs down and 2 up and real world speeds fo 10 down and 2 up

Both systems work and both have pros and cons

Which all sounds like speeds that many can only dream of, the slight fly in the ointment is the latency, because of the distances involved there's a delay of around .75secs from pressing the send button untill you get any data back. If you play shoot-em-up online games you'll die!!

You need to figure out exactly what your data volume requirement is, really this comes down to how much video you expect to watch, a good rule of thumb is that an hour of SD video uses around one gigabyte of data. The amount of data consumed by general browsing and emailing is pretty insignificant.

If you need to have a house phone then contracts are available that include one with the normal sort of call bundles or if you have decent mobile coverage why not save a few euros and just use that.

If you live in dept 22 or 56 there are grants available to pay for the kit, if you're in 35 or 29 then there may be grants available but it's more hit and miss, the fiercesom lady behind the desk at the Mairie should know.

Typically expect to pay €50/month for a 25GB package and add on a fiver for a basic phone package, For the equipment expect to pay 3-400euros depending on the product and supplier. Installation you can do yourself, or expect to pay €200 or so euros.


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Posted by tertraie - 4 years ago

Am currently on the Tooway system also known as Europasat with dedicated beams over relatively small areas. I know they are just trialing a system that includes voip phone. We find it generally reliable and get up to 20Mb download (upload very slow though at about 2.5Mb) With a 20Gb allowance per month we pay 39€ a month.