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Saur Water Co

Posted by Oak Lodge - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Oak Lodge - 3 years ago

OK, thanks everyone for all the help and advice.

I think we will probably try the Notiare to see whether we have any luck with them.

If not, is there anyone out there with a good command of the French language and a legal background who would be prepared to take this project on for us as an 'agent.'  We would be happy to pay a fee if we are successful in claiming the overpayment back.








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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

I'm with "reveuse" on this one. It would have been normal on the day of signing your contract to have visited the house with the current owner to check that everything is as it should be and together read all the meters (some even take photos of the readings. Then immediately after the signature to contact the service providers to start new contracts (sometimes the Notaire's assistant will do it for you). When contacting the service providers you would supply them with the meter reading.

It might be worth your while going back to the Notaire and asking for their help to resolve the problem.

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

"despite 'hounding' Saur with e-mails and letters" but the best way is always face to face if possible, failing that, talk to them on the phone. That's the way to sort it - you can ask them questions and they explain and by the end of the conversation you know where you stand and what will happen next. Whereas as you say, with letters and emails you send them off and nothing ever happens.

I can't understand how this happened, did they not have the reading at the time of the purchase and did they not use that as the opening reading on your first bill? but as said, it's best to speak to them, I have always found them very helpful and friendly on the phone.

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Posted by reynaud - 3 years ago

IT should not have happened..The notaire should have advised you as to the proceedure of that required re any unpaid bills before signing the Act de vente.So other buyers beware,demand all meter readings before signing the acte,gaz eau electricitie

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Try this organisation


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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 3 years ago

Rather late to say now but always deal with electric, water or any large company only by cheque!

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Posted by toobad - 3 years ago

Smart people take out pliene droits insurance about €70 a year They will fight it for you they are there to help with your rights and they have English speaking solicitors the cover is for €20000. They will negociate on your behalf and will if needed take the case to court. Normally the other party will cave in quickly they did twice when I needed help.