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Scam phone calls

Posted by Tahoe - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by hydi.r - 4 years ago

I have a call blocking service which is absolutely brilliant


I was totaly fed up with sales calls but this service stops them all

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Posted by Tryval - 4 years ago

NellP, good advice!

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

If it's 'withheld" or "Unknown number" don't pick it up!  Just leave it!  If it is really important the caller will leave a message! If you don't have a message service, they will call back.  It happens in the UK, it happens everywhere. Here in France there is a service to stop this, call your service provider and ask to be put on their "liste anti-prospection",  it should be free and anyone who calls you will be liable for a fine.  I know it's annoying to dash to answer the phone only to find that it's a sales call but do we really need to be slaves to our phones?   

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Posted by Tregadilet - 4 years ago

We have had one , not from Africa but from  Indian ocean, the former  British  island   of Mauritius  (call code 230) the caller  first spoke French then switched to English, asking us to hold and a salesman would be taking details! When we put the phone down they called back to ask why!

It sounded like a very busy call centre by the background noise, the problem is that you cannot stop international sales calls only French based ones, it seems a number of sellers are using this approach.