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Shopping for a new matress and pillows !

Posted by BennyB-936084 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by ozzy502 - 4 years ago

We are very disappointed with the mattress we bought in But, Carhaix. Wasn't particularly cheap at just under 700€ but has sagged already after 5 months and needs replacing. 

There is a bed place behind McDonalds, Litrimarche I think it's called. The only reason we didn't buy from them is that stock isn't kept locally and we couldn't take it away there and then. Lady was very helpful in there.

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

Freon,  rectangular pillow sizes in the UK also vary but I have found it easy to buy pillows here that fit my UK pillow cases.  Carrefour have a good range Including feather, man made fibre, foam and anti-allergy. 

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Posted by Watty-794352 - 4 years ago

I recently bought a new double mattress from La Redoute...   excellent value and delivered to the door.  I'd previously checked out IKEA but wasn't impressed.  Also IKEA mattresses are 200 cm long, as opposed to the usual 190cm, as are their fitted sheets, whereas La Redoute (double size) fits both UK and French beds.  The rectangular pillows/pillow cases are the same size as the UK.



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Posted by Frelon - 4 years ago

I know all of AI readers will know this, but French sizes of mattresses and pillows are not the same as UK sizes.

This is especially important if you have UK size fitted sheets and pillow cases.

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Posted by bretonne - 4 years ago

I have also bought mattresses from But (Carhaix branch)

The larger supermarkets sell pillows, both square and rectangular.  Try Leclerc in Carhaix.

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Posted by Lbg-414703 - 4 years ago

When we were looking for a matress recently, we found that Ikea, Brest, was the best value for money.

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Posted by Wilbury Traveller - 4 years ago

There is also Ikea at Brest ..... an hour's drive from Rostrenen.   Look up mattresses on their website.

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Posted by salsachica - 4 years ago

Have you tried BUT? They do sell mattresses and there's one in Carhaix and they also have a website so you can either order or just see what they have before visiting the shop. 

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Posted by Philealing - 4 years ago

We bought memoryfoam ones on Amazon. Good price and not expensive to have delivered here.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

You can have them made to measure in Coray ..