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Posted by leaboeg - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Meldrew-391022 - 3 years ago

It is not illegal but generally impractical!  In France the electric power (amperage) coming into the property varies from house to house, you also have the complication of Monophase and three phase to consider.

Have a look at your electric bill to see how much power you have supplied, alternatively look at the EDF trip switch on which there is a little view hole in which you will see a number (three if it is threephase).  Many houses have 30amp which equalls 6KW, some 45amp = 9KW and occasionally 60amp = 12KW.  This figure is the absolute maximum power available for all electrical appliances in the house.

So for example if you have 6KW (30 amp) and connect a UK standard 7.5kw or 9kw shower, the second you turn on the shower it will trip the switch and you have to re-set.  Even if you have 12kw (60amp), yes the shower will work provided you do not have any other high consumption items on the in the house such as electric panel heaters, washing machine;  drier; or even an electric kettle or iron.

So yes you can have an electric shower but the above explains why they are generally not sold in France! - Stick with the water heating ballon (chauffe-eaux) which will provide hot water for the whole house with a consumption of only 2 to 3Kw depending on size of the ballon.


Cannot tell you how many times I have seen unused, boxed electric showers  in garages of Brits in this area!!