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Sit on Mower

Posted by Bob Bowen-382240 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by a3 - 4 years ago

I have a john deere x140 bought in 2009. It has been faultless and mows really really tough overgrown areas. It has a powerful motor so copes with a steep bank as well as the immensly rough grass. It is simple to maintain requiring greasing every 25 hrs and a more detailed engine service consisting of oil and filter changes at 50 hrs. All operations can be completed by a novice like myself. i did replace the belt and blades last year but neither were beyond use and have been kept as spares. It has been an extremly good buy.

My advice think about your needs and buy the best you can afford.

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Posted by Lumbersexual-992851 - 4 years ago

I think the engine is clearly measured in foot pounds torque which is not horse power.

7.75 is 4.5hp not 8hp

Mind you, it seems a good value machine.

How does the variable speed work?


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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

I have a McCulloch ride on, bought 2007, cost eqivalent of £1000 from Intermarche at the time, very good, found out it was a re-branded Husquvarna, so buy any replacemnet belts etc from the net at a fraction of the cost, it has a 12.5 hp Briggs and stratton engine, very good on lawns and slightly rougher pastures but rough ground or if you missed a couple of cuts and it turns into a meadow, no chance.

Bought this in March, unbelievable, will tackle almost anything, it is a push mower but is self propelled, I haven't used the ride on yet this year on the two acres I have, as OP says, no need for gym membership and this was a bargain with a Kohler OHC 8 HP engine and can either mulch or collect, for £399 (it can be delivered to France), it was a bargain... take a look:


If am in no way associated with this product, just a happy customer, if you need more specific info please PM.









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Posted by Davey1200-433468 - 4 years ago

I have to cut my grass once a week between early April to the week before Xmas.

Wish I only had to cut twice a month.

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Posted by mortimer29 - 4 years ago

My neighbour bought a John Deere from the UK (cheaper than here) six years ago. and had it delivered here for a reasonable charge. I bought the €1000 ride on from a brico here, with the logic that it was less than half the price she was paying. Since then I have spent dozens pf trips to the brico to get it fixed, dozens of trips to independent repairers who can't get the parts for it ( it is an abysmal piece of rubbish) and weeks of rustration and earache from my wife moaning that the grass is waist high. I then sold it for €500 and the buyer came back a day later and asked for his money back so I scrapped it. I bought a seond €1000 brico mower - different make same rubbish and history repeated itself....

Today I have a John Deere - the same one my neighbour has had without a sinlge breakdown. True it cost €3000 but it is a machine that will last for years and if ever I sell it it will sell for a very good price.

I had the opinion originally that I could buy the €1000 three times for the price of one good machine so that had to be better didn't it?

How wrong I was. The cheap machines (not just lawn mowers) you buy today are so badly made that it just is not worth any saving. 

Just be careful as some manufacturers that used to be top quality (husqvana, MTD, kawasaki etc) have gone downmarket and you have to stay with the best makers (John Deere, Countax and Kubota), buying a diesel if you can afford it - even more reliable.

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 4 years ago

Apologies for that, but my point remains, you cannot realistically compare a Skoda with a Bentley either :)

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Posted by cymro yn llydaw - 4 years ago

John P,

             VW/ AUDI bought BENTLY, BMW bought ROLLS-ROYCE MOTORS.


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Posted by chemin vert - 4 years ago

Going back to your original post the price you see the mowers advertised at must be their market value as that is what they sell for. I could understand you thinking that they were overpriced if there were lots still unsold but as there are not I don't understand your logic.

i have a fairly powerful, fairly refined sit on mower made by Murray. It has given me good service over the years but there are one or two things about it that I don't like. When it finally gives up the ghost, or I just feel the need to buy a new toy, I'm going to buy a mid range Husqvarna. A lot more expensive than a Brico special but so much more refined.

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Posted by Lumbersexual-992851 - 4 years ago

 1500m2 allowing for turning and a few obstacles takes less than 2 hours with a pro walkbehind which will cost around 1000euros, use a litre per hour and will prove to be far more reliable as well as being able to cut wet grass with ease.         (as I am about to do myself today...)

Look at the Toro twincut timemaster walkbehind.



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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 4 years ago

Yes multiple brands are owned by large companies and many of these machines are fitted with Briggs and Stratton engines and use the same drive trains, so consequently many parts will be common. However the cheaper machines usually have smaller engines and are not as well engineered as the more expensive machines. Volkswagen own Skoda and Rolls Royce but you cannot realistically compare the the two marques. It is horses for courses.