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Sky card in a holiday home?

Posted by Tilia - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

The short answer is "no", for the reasons give by others. Canal cards work in Canal and Fransat boxes

The digiox will be the black one under the TV

To get French TV in the house you'll need to at the very least move the dish and re-set the digibox IF IT'S A GENERIC BOX, In any event the range of free French TV channels is limited unless you use a dedicated TNTsat or Fransat box. (Fr2, 3, 5, Arte and LCP)

If it's a FreeSat or Sky box then, for practical purposes you're stuck with UK TV.

The best solution for "normal" french TV is by aerial, if a terestrial signal is available at the property.

To sum up, I'd suggest that providing French TV is not something that it's practcal to do for a two week rental but an investment of 2-300euros and have both UK and French would seem worth while as it only has to win one extra booking and it's paid for it's self.

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Posted by Tilia - 3 years ago

Is the digi box the live box ? Or the black one uner the televsion?

Think I will call out a technician on this one. Thanks for the replies folks.

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Posted by Space Cadet - 3 years ago

As suggested, the dish will have to be re-aligned to, I think it`s the Hotbird Satellite.
The easiest way, as long as there is an external TV aerial and most French houses have, would be to by a French digi-box. As in the UK, there are no longer any anolgue TV signals in France, only Digital.
But as long as you have a digi-box you`ll be fine.

Just a thought. If the telly is reasonablly new, it may have one built in, many have.

If it has, all you need to do is, connect it to the aeriel using a standard co-ax lead, then tune the in built Digi-box to the French stations.
If you go to the Menu page on the TV, it should be fairly straight forward.

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Posted by one4all-436374 - 3 years ago

Should the property have a roof top aerial then they will be able to get the French TV channels via that, however that would also depend on the age of the TV as they may need a TNT/digital decoder as well.

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Posted by Rudge - 3 years ago

The dish would need to be re-aligned to a satellite providing French channels, 

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Posted by dozygirl-10045474 - 3 years ago

I would have thought the dish would have to be pointed at the French satellite and not the British one.