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spraying crops

Posted by valetlu - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Herbe Dr - 3 years ago

As already stated there are a mountain of rules regards spraying in the EU,

1) The operator ( tractor driver) must attend a training course when I did mine many years ago it was 3 days but I think now it could be 5 days ? then take a practical and written test while being assessed over the course duration also.

2) The actual sprayer must have a current mot type certificate which lasts 2 or 3 yrs ( please correct me if wrong) this shows the sprayer is fit for purpous with no leaks , correct pressures and calibration, correct nozzles fitted etc etc.

3) The spray or chemical has to EU approved for use, stored in a correct and safe chem store, then the old used empty containers and then disposed of legally. The chemical has to applied at the correct recommended rate as per the manufacturer or your agrominist,

  I can only guess what Mr farmer is spraying but I would expect haing seen the winter wheat/barley crops here it is likely to be against aphids as the crops are very well established while sitting in mild humid weather perfect for aphids (green fly to you and me) or possibly post emergence weed spray.

   To ensure crop survival and a yield next summer to cover the costs of growing the crop then harvesting some treatment of pest, weeds and deseases is essential.

Now watch all the arguments come flooding in shouting organics which is fine but a very different way of farming , hope your chest is getting better.

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Posted by Yellowperill - 3 years ago

There are loads of rules and regs start with these they are English but also same for all EU





If you really think the spraying is connect with your chest and head aches contact your doctor imediatley and inform your local Chamber of Agriculture, do not delay