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swimming pool repair

Posted by simpson-386825 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Alpacas - 4 years ago

You dont say if your pool still has water in it or not.  I repaired my pool with water still in it 10 years ago  and it is still good. The main problem was finding the leak initially. Once I had done that I made a round patch with some liner material and liberally coated with underwater glue obtainablke from most pool suppliers.  Then with the use of wet suit, snorkel and facemask I placed the patch over the dodgy bit and stood on it making sure that all sides were firmly down.  Success, no trouble since. I must admit that I dont know how to do it with a dry pool though.

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Posted by Darren Charles - 4 years ago

I want to suggest you that you should try to repair your swimming pool yourself by following some steps: Firstly measure the tear or hole in the pool liner. Add 1 inch on all sides to the measurement. Draw a shape of  the size of the tear or hole with the additional inch on all sides onto the vinyl patch material in the pool liner repair kit. Cut the patch out with scissors on the pencil lines. Round each corner of the patch material with the scissors so there are no square edges on the patch material.  Apply glue from the tube in the repair kit onto both the pool liner and the patch. Use the small brush in the kit to spread the glue evenly over the entire patch and around the tear or hole. Allow the glue to set until it becomes tacky following the kit instructions. Normal setting time is about five minutes. Place the patch over the hole or tear and smooth it out from the center out to the edges. Apply pressure on the patch by holding it onto the hole or tear for about three minutes. After applying this method, if you will further have some trouble, then you should take advice of  an expert Swimming Pool Repair service guy.


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Posted by simpson-386825 - 4 years ago

I thought that may be the case but hoped to get another year out of it for our little boy!


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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

If it is on a seam you are basically scuppered, I once used a needle and thread after clamping the seam and using the patching glue sandwiched in between did manage to get the pool to the end of the season but then had to replace. Good luck