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television volume

Posted by dangermouse-440611 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by clarksinfrance - 4 years ago

My samsung TV has an option in the menu for volume. Titled something like, leveller or volume correction, which keeps the same volume on all channels. Sorry away from TV so can't give exact terminology.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

I was interested reading this thread as I also have had many problems with HDMI volume with various sat boxes including Humax. To date I have never found a satifactory answer. The problem seems to have been getting worse over the last 10 years. It seems to not only affect changing channel but also programmes / adverts on the same channel.

It seems that most TV stations do not apply the simplest of things to achieve VOLUME LEVELING.

3 TV's 3 different sat boxes same problem.


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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

Happens every time with our Humax box. 

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Posted by dangermouse-440611 - 4 years ago

hi thanks for your reply everything was fine with my old television set and the humax, it has only happened since connecting the new television, the old owner said he had no problems when it was connected to his humax box,it only seems to happen on hd channels

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

should be automatic but you can force it to check for updates by pressing  Home, Settings, System settings, Software update and Search new software.

Also you could phone/email Humax customer service uksupport@humax-digital.co.uk / 0044 344 318 8800

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Posted by dangermouse-440611 - 4 years ago

hi bartyb thanks for your reply not sure really,i never had a problem with my old tv set up to the humax box its only happened since setting up with a lcd hd tv connected with a hdml lead and it is not just hd channels where the volume changes it just goes mental it can be adjusted on both the humax and tv remote,barty is not the software update done automaticly ? or can i do it manualy.thanks derek

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

No idea, but does this sound like the problem http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1238804.


Always a good place to start with Humax (and any other box) is to ensure that the software is up to date.