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Trees & power lines

Posted by grumps-425669 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by stroller-817057 - 3 years ago

A French friend told me recently that EDF will cut trees near power lines but that the house owner is responsible for cutting trees back near phone lines.

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Posted by FordPrefect-10067312 - 3 years ago

Very informative grumps, thanks for that.

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Posted by grumps-425669 - 3 years ago

Thanks to everyone for their help & advice.

Just to clear things up, the request to fell the trees came from the Mairie, whose responsibility it is to keep local roadways clear & safe. My first port of call was ERDF and in this specific case it turned out to be up to me to get the work done, despite the fact that they had previously come & felled other trees. Apparently each case is judged according to their guidelines which do change from time to time.

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Posted by FordPrefect-10067312 - 3 years ago

Not being a barrack room lawyer because I don't know the answer. However, I thought anything in close proximity to power lines had to be dealt with by EDF or their sub contractors. I'm sure that if you talk to any of the recommended firms they will let you know. Just that it was EDF who came and fettled ours unrequested.

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 3 years ago

Hi I can highly  recomend Duncan Smith, fully registered, been here for years, here's his website and details:


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Posted by malcolm1-10066606 - 3 years ago

Try James Jones he is in Plouray so not far away , he's a real monkey does a good job and reasonably priced ! 0297234470

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Posted by jackorjason - 3 years ago

Might just be me but a round trip of 280km seems a hell of a trip - look in Central Brit Journal there are plenty of reliable , insured , registered in there - a friend of mine is using Dave Robbins ( think that's the spelling ) - good , reliable , fair price

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Posted by RHS35 - 3 years ago

Give Stuart at Le Jardinier Anglais a call. Fully registered and insured.If hes too busy then he can advise you as he has connections in the business.

BTW he comes absolutely recommended by us fantastic teams great workers very happy clients.

Cant lay my hand on his business card at the moment. But hes in the yellow pages and located in Liffre.