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TV re-tunning

Posted by jane121walking-387738 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by pacco - 3 years ago

why not check through the web address they put up, or telephone them.


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Posted by jane121walking-387738 - 3 years ago

thanks for that no we can't watch HD programmes at the moment so looks like i will need a box thanks

Might just try retunning it first though

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

First question is can you watch the HD programs currently avaiable? they should come up on your channel list with "HD" beside them. If the answer to that is yes, then all you'll need to do is to retune your TV, exactly how you do that will depend on the exact model of your TV but a hunt around on the menu options should find it.

Almost all French sourced TVs should be fine. Older UK sourced TVs may have issues but just check as above. Worst case sceanrio is you'll need a set top box and they're around €40.

For folk with French satellite TV, have a look n the back of the box, if there's an HDMI connection you'll be OK if not it's most likely time for a new box