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Washing Machine engineer

Posted by Steve51-907091 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by rhys1 - 3 years ago

Sorry to say I agree with previous  poster who said you will be lucky to find anyone able to do the repair at an economical price  ( or possibly any price ). 

Have recently had trouble myself with two different ( domestic, not commercial ) machines, one with very little use and just outside the one year guarantee. (This is in England btw. ) 

Two different engineers,    both middle aged with many years experience, stated the same thing : that modern machines are  rubbish, even the expensive ones with German names, making you think they will be reliable. 

The particular fault with the year old machine was 'The Motherboard' ~ a computer part  ( which of course machines 20 or more years ago simply didn't  have  ~ how  I wonder did they manage to do the wash then ?? ) .  

As told to me, these  Motherboards  have many many transistors   in them - but if only one transistor fails the whole thing is caput.  The single transistor cannot be repaired alone - the whole Board has to be replaced  ( cost #120 ).   That was bad enough  but he also said that because of the inherent unreliablity of these Boards he could not even guarantee the repair  as it was not economical for him to do so, given the risk of repeated failure.  His ( reluctant ) advice was  that it might  make more sense to buy a new, cheap, machine with as much guarantee as you can get. ( Bear in mind : he was doing himself out of a job by proffering this advice. ) 

Here's another straw in the wind, along the same lines :  I have a distinct memory that when I bought my first washing machine from John Lewis in 1983 ALL JL washing machines automatically  carried a JL  absolute guarantee parts and labour for five years. 

This particular washer~dryer ( the cheapest  machine JL sold at the time ~a Candy, made  I think in Italy ) proceeded to last until I left the flat, 17 years later  ( it was still going strong  - no repair or attention required whatever. ) 

When  I checked  recently this has completely changed and JL now only offer standard guarantees of a year or two  ~ if you want five years you pay extra.  So obviously  John Lewis are also aware of the inherent unreliability of modern machines. 

As it happens, the current edition of WHICH magazine has a whole article on the scandal of modern washing machines being so unreliable.   Unfortunately  the article does not  really suggest any remedies. 

My own solution if just buying in England would be to get a machine from John Lewis, paying as necessary for the five year guarantee.  Because at least J L guarantees are honoured without any faffing about. 

This leads me to a question I have often wondered about : is there any equivalent in  France to John Lewis, esp, on the issue of honouring guarantees on faulty electronic  / white goods ?   Would be v useful to know. 












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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

If yours is a 12 Kg load capacity, it sounds more like a commercial machine, which costs a lot to buy (and also to repair). Most domestic machines have a load capacity of between 6 and 8 Kg - these have actually got cheaper to buy over recent years, making them uneconomical to repair. Fitting new bearings is a major job, involving the removal of front and rear panels, dismantling the inner drum from the tub to enable access to the bearings, which can be tricky to remove after years of use. The bearings themselves might not be rxpensive (no more than say 40 euros) but the labour cost will be high because of the time to do the job.

Sorry to sound pessimistic - perhaps some kind soul with experience in this will see your posting and offer their help for a modest reward. 

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Posted by Steve51-907091 - 3 years ago

Thanks to both for your replies.  There are quite a number of historical posts on here about washing machine engineers, mostly without any response.  It seems Brittany is not over subscribed with machine fixers!

Thanks again,


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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

Be very careful before calling out an engineer - the likely cost to strip the machine down to replace the bearings (there are two, plus a new seal), could be almost as much as a new machine.

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Posted by candid - 3 years ago

if there is a Catena near you they will have an engineer who will call.Don't need to have bought the machine there.