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What bizarre happenings are going on in your garden ?

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Whoever or whatever is in charge of universal happenings has obviously decided that there has been too much darkness in the world recently and that we need an extra bit of colour and cheer !!

I like the way he-she-it thinks :-)

Love to all

Jamie xx

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Posted by unclemort - 3 years ago

picked and ate 2 strawberries yesterday nastursiums still in flower and when i was sirimming the bank yesterday there were celandine in full bloom and there were butterflies on the windfall apples . We are in Central Brittany. Merry Christmas and a very fruitful 2016 to one and all x

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Posted by Ohhhhthatswhereiputit - 3 years ago

My mimosa is in full bloom, two azaleas and primroses, also had a glady at the beginning of December in full bloom.

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Posted by kerguen - 3 years ago


In Cotes d'armor too!  Roses, primroses, camellias, vinca, nasturtiums and blackeyed susan flowering, grass still springing up and also have seen  butterflies & bees.

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Posted by camion - 3 years ago

Butterflies, roses, fuschia, marigolds, osteoperunums, hydrangea, and geraniums in full flower- and we are in Finistere!!! 

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Posted by bretonlion - 3 years ago


Butterflies on my wind fall apples .. still picking  raspberries ..just finished the tomatoes .. primroses flowering .. grass still growing .. ahh the delights of Morbihan ..


Chris ..

Wishing you all A Happy Christmas and A Merry New Year ...

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Posted by chilepepper-998208 - 3 years ago

Roses flowering, masturtians flowering, and raspberries amongst other things !!!

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Posted by Minette-426629 - 3 years ago

I saw a mimosa  completely covered in its bright yellow flowers yesterday, the grass is still growing, there are bees and butterflies...it is going to end in tears....

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Posted by mavis cruet-909959 - 3 years ago

I have seen camelias and mimosas in flower this week and in my own garden I still have nasturtiums in flower. Apparently it won't be a disaster if the cold weather hits as spring flowering plants etc which are flowering early will go into stasis. I guess nature is more resiliant than we think...

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Posted by Maxed - 3 years ago

My soil is turning to sand and my farmer neighbour is replacing his cows with camels!!! As someone said on my previous post on this subject -, the farmers know!!!! Personally I'll just keep planting brocolli to keep feeding my caterpillars, at least someone will be happy :)