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Why is French paint so awful?

Posted by XLR - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

You are not supposed to carry paints containing solvents or solvents themselves, eventually all paint apart from specially licensed solvent based paints will be water based,I have used a variety of water based and have found avi ,dulux ,ripolan and corona to be fine ,just as good as UK stuff,the main problem is a lack of decent primer /undercoat as French stuff seems always to be sous couche universal and a bit watery for wood,also have never been able to find knotting.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

That doesn't address the question of which, if any, paints are prohibited., nor does it offer a link to any factual clarification.

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago


Am I allowed to travel on your vessels with paint?

If traveling with a vehicle, you are permitted to carry any amount of water based paint in the vehicle, but NO other varieties such as solvent based or gloss for example. Also accompanying items such as methylated or white spirit are NOT permitted. Foot passengers are not allowed to carry any kind of paint.


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Posted by brodeuse - 3 years ago

We've been asked that question at Plymouth too.

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Posted by hailoffame - 3 years ago

Yes, Plymouth have asked the question" have you got any paint? " several times and I must point out we are not builders but oap's with a saloon car!   what do you do then ,lie? no I know what would happen then, customs and excise have tremendous power if not the guns of their French couterparts,

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

Are you implying that there is a restriction on non- waterbased paints?  If so could you please offer a link or reference to support this for the benefit of all us paint smugglers.

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 3 years ago

Bringing paint from the UK. No problem at all if it's water based, most people that I know bring all of their paint from the UK and whatever is said by the UK bashers the paint is miles better than French rubbish.

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Posted by hailoffame - 3 years ago

Regarding bringing paint from the UK, has nobody been checked by customs at the English side?

We Have !

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago

To slow down the drying time, mprove 'flow' and limit brush marks with water-based paint, you can add a bit of Floetrol.


To do the same with oil-based paints/primers, etc., you can add Rustol Owatrol oil


The Owatrol oil is brilliant! I used it for priming rusty metal before painting and to put on rusted metal I want to look rusted but not rust away.




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Posted by hillhead - 3 years ago

It isn't eu nanny state interference, but a genuine concern over the amount of damage done to the environment by the solvents in paint. 

I know the solvents made for better paint, but as we all have to breathe the air that these solvents evaporate into, then it isn't unreasonable to try to limit their use. World paint production is in the order of 12 billion litres per year which is an awful lot of pollution by organic solvents.

As for the iso cyanates in two pack, any commercial plant using that will have measures in place to remove them from the exhaust stream before they hit the atmosphere.