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Windows 10

Posted by vivaofsnape - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by less - 3 years ago

eeerrrr Ok, now apears to be reading all the external HDD -- not done a damn thing except plug them back in again - no restarts - will they mount tomorrow ??????

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Posted by less - 3 years ago

Thought I'd have a play with W10 since it was a free upgrade from 7, general first impressions once most of the info gathering / grabbing microsoft things were disabling during installation, then still having to go through each tile in settings one by one disabling ever more. Would prefer a system where all were disabled by default rather than microsoft's enabled, however!.

While I do like the ability to spread the various open windows (reminiscent of apple IO's not that I'm a great lover of them either), and the ability to open / switch between several desktops (various lynix distro's) it's a step in the right direction. Why can't they simply add a demount for additional drives instead of having to wait 5 mins for that annoying bleep and windows can't disconnect at present.

99% of the hardware W10 found and installed drivers for - just the CIR lacking and as yet not found a driver that the hardware and W10 likes - minor issue with the 5.1 audio where can't get the same volume as Acer's software for the Realtek chip in W7, & still not 100% sure the inbuilt sub-woofer is preforming - hardware or software issue - yet to be resolved, configuring the sound system had to dig further behind the scenes than would like - why do microsoft do that? the ability to alter simple settings should be at the fore not hidden behind several layers. 

Networking - not been this easy since XP - didn't have go in altering any settings - found the network printer & media server / installed drivers without any prompting, my only venture into 8/8.1 was trying to keep daughters laptop on the network & talking to the printer & media server after switching the laptop off then back on again a few hrs later.

lotti13 - I have the same problem with USB 3, external WD drives, both Ultra & Elements - before I go hunting around to find solutions did you ever resolve. Seagate ex HDD works fine - & removing the HDD from it's enclosure and installing in the WD Ultra case, can access all data on the drive, resolving one part of the problem it's not the firmware for the USB interface, has to be a drive issue.

What other problems have people come across and a the general consensus of those that have upgraded? 

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Posted by Live&Love - 3 years ago

Ha Windows 10,  upgraded sons laptop Windows 8 no issues, tried to do mine wouldn't work after the upgrade stayed on black screen after logging in . Also Windows 8. Had to go take it back to basic settings as my computer didn't have correct connections to take it off dual screen. Haven't even tried it with my daughters 

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Posted by lottie13-403657 - 3 years ago


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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

I have avoided it because all the techies think it's wonderful but ordinary users have had loads of problems with it.

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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

Lottie Re WD passport I suspect the problem is either the firmware level of your WD drive or less likely the BIOS of your PC. Did you download the correct driver? There are 32 and 64 bit versions available. See http://support.wdc.com/KnowledgeBase/answer.aspx?ID=5419 In any event I would take up the issue via WD support. Make sure you give them the same info that you posted here

  "demonhighwayman I would recommend everyone to stear clear of windows 10 due to privacy, MS is getting worse and worse with peoples information with every new release of windows...."   I think you are confusing security with Privacy. You can Google Microsoft's Privacy statement and make up your own mind. If your worry is thay are collecting info to enable targetted advertising then you can turn this personal data collection option OFF during the install or later. It is no worse and probaby less intrusive than Facebook, and Google. T

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Posted by lottie13-403657 - 3 years ago

I cant get W10 to recognise my external hard drive WD my passport ultra. I went on loads forums as well as WD website, downloaded drivers for W10 but it still says  nothing on hard drive corrupt.

Luckily my old laptop hasnt quite died, W8.2, plugged in no problems.

any ideas?

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Posted by Philealing - 3 years ago

I "upgraded" earlier last year but could not get the email client to sync with my gmail account so had to go back to Windows 8.2. I check online on a regular basis to see if this issue has been resolved but so far can find no evidence that it has so am ignoring all messages from Microsoft to upgrade.

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Posted by demonhighwayman - 3 years ago

I would recommend everyone to stear clear of windows 10 due to privacy, MS is getting worse and worse with peoples information with every new release of windows. I really can't be bothered spending the rest of my evening googling all the security concerns but if it is something which worries you then fell free to look it up, the concerns are well documented by IT journalists.

If your currnet PC works fine then leave it the way it is. If it feels a bit slow get an SSD installed or some extra RAM. Remember the old saying that 'nothing in life is free'.

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Posted by Ted-787870 - 3 years ago

Thanks for a comprehensive review. I've been edging towards upgrading from Windows 7 but, as you said, I have avoided the settling in period needed for new Windows versions. 

It sounds as though it's safe to make the move.