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Windows 10

Posted by lakeman-415065 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

What you can do, download the win10, ISO's (32 or 64 bit or both if you want) from microsoft then install on computer running win 7 / 8 at a later date - also means that if you have upgraded from 7 /8 and only have restore media from the manufacturers disc's or hidden HDD disc partition with win 7/8 as default OS. After a full system restore to manufacturers default, you can then reinstall a fresh upgrade to win 10 with the downloaded ISO disc's -- or start making win 10 - PE disks for any future restore.

The privacy issue can be addressed partially through a manual install - un-checking various radio buttons as they come up - then going into the privacy & security section in settings, un-checking any that were installed by default - time consuming but if worried about privacy can be done over a period of time while learning the system.


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Posted by helicopterrob - 3 years ago

And if you do not like windows then be sure to remove it before 20 days as it looks pretty difficult to do so after such a time. Fortunately I like it and it can run on this laptop but I notice the option to restore to an earlier version has now dissapeared hence the above.

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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

Congratulations for surviving Vista for this long.  I would suggest trying W7, by far most peoples favourite.  If you don't actually like it then you can upgrade to W10 from there.  Use Google to look up potential issues with W10.  Privacy is one such concern.  It spends more time reporting your activities to Microsoft than getting on with your work.

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Posted by Ziggy Stardust - 3 years ago

You can get it free if you're currently using Winows 7 or 8. It's permanent once you've got it, I think it's free to download for 12 months after which time they'll start charging for it. You can't get the download if you're running Vista, you need to be on 7 or 8.