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Windows 8 help needed

Posted by TrishJ - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by vwkompak - 3 years ago

I was concerned, like you, but have now installed it on both my desktop and laptop and have been pleasantly surprised. Everything came back as it was plus the extra bits like windows8. I can use it just like windows7. I had to upgrade the printer driver but an online search soon solved this as there is lots of online advice.

It will help to know the a right click on the bottom left icon gives acces to the control panel as on previous versions.

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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

Windows 10

It is best to avoid any new  operating system release for the first 6 months or so. But Windows 10 is now well settled in and you should be considering the move. I have  made the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 2 weeks ago. My experience is that the upgrade itself was troublefree. There are some changes to the user interface, but they are fairly intuitive. There is much evidence that Win 10 is meant to span tablet computers as well as PCs. I don't like the tile based approach to the Start menu but if you download "classic Shell" you can select a WIndows 7 style start menu, which I much prefer. Classic Shell is Freeware but please make sure you donate a small sum so that the authors can maintain it.

Microsoft have tried to hide much of what was easily visible before making it more like an Apple or Android tablet. With a bit of digging you can still get down to a lower level. The internet browser is now called Edge and is a no frills browser interface but does enough for the basics. You can still run IE or any other browser. Windows livemail is replaced by a new mail app that gives you the ability to combine all your email accounts into a single inbox if you wish. Be aware that the old Windows livemail gives an appearance of working but not all incoming mail eg Hotmail gets delivered. You will need your email account passwords for all your existing mail accounts. Also be aware that the Logon password with Windows 10 is your Microsoft password ie the same one you use  for accessing Microsoft services such as Hotmail. I already had an MS account and so had a password I am not sure what happens the first time you log in if you don't already have an MS password. Presumably there is the opportunity to create one, but I had no need to try it. Updates are now automatic and you have no choice as to whether an update is applied. Also you cannot see which updates have been applied (i think this is a retrograde step but I can understand why MS did it).  Back up is now automatic and the only parameter you can change apart from location is frequency  which is between hourly and daily.

I had no problems with existing peripherals - wireless printer, bluetooth speakers, external drive all configured with no problems.

Performance is good at least as good as Windows 7 and probably better.  I have a laptop with Intel core i3 2.5 ghz and 4GB RAM. Security is alleged to be better though yet to be proven. But I assume it is better and this, for me, this was justification enough to upgrade 

Here is my advice on upgrades from earlier versions. Make sure your PC hardware spec is sufficient especially sufficient memory(RAM) and processor speed. Back-up before you install Windows 10

XP or earlier upgrade now

Windows Vista  upgrade now

Windows 7  upgrade at your leisure but within the next 6 months or so and before MS start charging for the upgrade

Windows 8 upgrade now. This is a subjective view based on what I have seen of the user Interface. If you like it then the advice I give for Windows 7 applies

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Posted by all4one-10057182 - 3 years ago

I have updated 2 recently purchased computers from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and apart from the download/upgrade time have had no problems whatsoever !! I can't understand the reasons forall the negative talk about Windows 10.

Re. the original question, if you save downloaded files or documents to "My Documents" they will always be easy to find, especially if you save them under a new recognisable name. 

Don't forget that  downloaded files (PDF files included) can be found under "Downloads"

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Posted by TrishJ - 3 years ago

vwkompak are you SURE that Windows 10 is a good idea?

I'm not very computer literate, if at all, and Windows 8 has been a real confidence eraser

I'm think I read somewhere that the current 10 version is still in the development stage and that the final version will be costly. (Is that not so?)



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Posted by vwkompak - 3 years ago

If you have windows8 then go for the free upgrade to windows10. It is much easier to use, rather like a mixture of 8 and 7

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Sometimes, when you really have to get something done, the obvious answer isn't always at the front of your mind. Good you sorted it out!

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Posted by TrishJ - 3 years ago

Thanks. I knew someone would help.

Reply form now sent.

I should have worked out what to do of course. DOH

 I just Hate 8. I H8   8


Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

As Moi said save to desktop or documents folder so you know exactly where it is.

When you've sorted your PDF problem, download and install Classic Shell which makes Win 8, 8.1 and 10 look and feel like Win7 or even XP if you prefer.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Can you save it on desktop?