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wood pellet stoves

Posted by keith B55 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

"You need new double walled flue as the pellets give off a noxious gas."

I didn't quite understand that ?- do you mean flue gas fumes ?

It's worth repeating here that storing wood pellets is hazardous - they give off carbon monoxide, that's not flue gas while being burned, that's in storage.

There have been a few fatalities in Europe from this - albeit from entering wood pellet bulk storage bunkers, but I wouldn't like anybody to lose their lives or lose pets on account of not knowing about this.


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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 3 years ago

had 2 for 5 years - no circuit board failure or any other failure, fans can be turned off, Pellets are in sealed plastic sacks so stay dry, venting is smaller and easier than a woodburner.

Should have added to my original list...programmable ...get up to a warm room.

They are the woodburners of the future - unless you own your own woodland or are a luddite


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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

I will act as devils advocate(again) Firstly they have a printed circuit board.This fails regularly and costs a lot to replace.They have a fan which can be noisy and the bearings can go costs a lot.The augur used to transfer the pellets from the hopper to the firebox fails costs a lot.Pellets must be kept bone dry or they swell and block the augur.You need new double walled flue as the pellets give off a noxious gas.

Other than that some people swear by them!!

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Posted by Kanak - 3 years ago

you could still be in time to get a tax rebate??     Look at lots of models, and the experience of the installer.  I fell for a top-end model with air drawn in from the outside, probably intended not to be turned off at night.  This resulted in an overnight chill, and the other big pain was a self-clean burst every 2hrs which drowned all conversation.  That said, less mess that logs, but the technical advantage is that it is the only woodburner you can duct out below the top ridge of your building.

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 3 years ago

yes.......in no partiular order.....

very good

cheap to run




easier to install than woodburners


(now have 4)