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Yellow dust

Posted by the old bargee - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by myrtle-391965 - 4 years ago

it is also possibly pollen from the Mimosa trees.  Thank goodness ours fell down during the winter because the pollen used to cover the cars.

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Posted by paul & nadine - 4 years ago

Wind wrong for sahara dust.

The yellow powder s almost certainly pollen. There is also a lot of pollution from UK and other built up areas to the north east of here.

The pollution s often bad when the wind is from the northeast, but nobod seems to notice.










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Posted by the old bargee - 4 years ago

We have been in France for nine years and this is the first time we have experienced this! Our neighbour also has a garden ful of fruit blossom and wisteria. So maybe that is part of the problem? 

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Posted by Fish24 - 4 years ago

Thunderbird One - so what are all the yellow flowers growing in the vineyards around Bergerac and elsewhere?  Sand is more light beige in colour, even from the Sahara!!!

Hope you have had a good holiday?

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Posted by candid - 4 years ago

We get this pollen off the large pine trees round our garden at this time every year.Cars covered in it and I suffer dry cough,runny  nose and sore eyes.Get prescription off Dr but nothing reallly helps much.

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Posted by Frelon - 4 years ago

At least you can wash that off. The problem is fly poo on the paintwork!

i have found the only solution to that is using LIDL glass/window cleaner. Works a treat!

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Posted by Thunderbird one - 4 years ago

Its Sahara Sand I am in the Dordogne at the moment and they dont have Rape Seed plants down here.But my car is covered in SAND

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Posted by hazy2 - 4 years ago

In the UK a few daysago, there was mention of Sahara sand being blown acrossEurope to UK, my friendscar wascoveredin yellow dust, this southerly wind also carried pollutants from France and therewasa thick smog over S.E.UK for a day.  Perhaps the dust youhave is sahara sand too.

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Posted by Fish24 - 4 years ago

With the amount of discussion on TV, I thought every knew about the French annual pollen problem and this year's big problem for allergies and asmatics?, mainly from flowering bushes and trees and in particular, the bouleau or white birch (white-barked birch) nearly all over France plus the pollution problem in the cities.  Doctors are inundated with patients, young and old.

I washed my car last evening and this morning it was covered in yellow pollen!!!

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

Keep breathing it in- eventually you will get sensitised to it, and then you will get all the adverse effects.