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Differences in Healthcare!

Posted by Balli - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kervéor - 4 years ago

Complain about top up insurance but never about LOW taxes .It all has to be paid for somehow .Same with state pensions only get low ones in England but not enough is put in .

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Posted by Bob Bowen-382240 - 4 years ago

Janes could not agree more. I also get frustrated by people who ignore top up insurance cost which can be as expensive as private medical insurance cover in the U K.

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Posted by janes-394036 - 4 years ago

Utterly pointless comparison. Everyone's experience is different.

For example, round our way in Brittany, it is a six month wait for an eye test, and they have one day every few months when you can ring for an appointment so I pop in and see one when I am in the UK.

Dentists, never had a problem here and never had a problem in the UK, though must say it is easier to find one that speaks English in the UK.

Physiotherapy ... seen a lot of them here and a lot of them in the UK and have found the ones in the UK much better.

Non urgent surgery ... much less of a waiting list in France than in the UK.

Stroke treament. Terrible here. Much better in the UK

And so on. But everybody will have had a different experience.


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Posted by Bob Bowen-382240 - 4 years ago

 1. Need a doctors appointment.  Book online for later that day. 2. Attend annual optical check and referred to ophthalmologist because of cataract. 3. Appointment at Opthalmic Clinic just over a week later after booking online to fit in with my existing commitments. 4. Attend ophthalmologist and confirm I need cataract operation. 5. Discuss with Consultant when it is convenient as I will be in France for two months and agree first week of my return to U K.Thenk God for N H S ! Free at source, no private medical insurance, OR TOP UP INSURANCE!!!!!!!


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Posted by hazy2 - 4 years ago

In N Devon, got appt with dentist for following day.

Had blood test at surgery, Doc phoned to discuss result next day.

Had knee replacement 4 weeks after initial Drs visit with pre op exam, measured for crutches and seeing specialist.

Hubby had blurred vision, went to Specsavers same day, optician found bleed behind the eye, contacted hospital, hubby got appt for following week. Had 3 injections in the eyeball of Lucentis at £1200 a shot.

Wonderful NHS and of course no payment to make. Compared to our 1500 yearly Mutuel and 2 week wait to see overworked French GP we cannot fault the NHS

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Posted by kervéor - 4 years ago

I must move to your area of Brittany iI live near Quimper and I have a 3 month wait for a check up ,urgent case are the same or next day though .


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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

quite true; similar experiences here........but believe me there will be those that will argue????