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living in UK

Posted by night&day - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by rosieholt - 4 years ago

Bonjour de l'Angleterre

This indicates we are back permanently in UK after having spent 5 very happy & successful years in Hemonstoir (nr.Loudeac) We emigrated on 1st Dec. 1997 not knowing a soul, no English TV available,no English food sections in the supermarkets either. We found the transition an enormous challenge..joining the health system,getting  a phone installed, upgrading the electricity, going to the local GP (who only spoke in French to us), finding a good hairdresser in St Caradec(again, who only spoke French) , buying quality logs (eventually) for the  woodburner,having oil central heating installed by a French plumber,purchasing a LHD Berlingo van ( new on the market then) going into hospital with the end of a finger chopped off .I could go on forever but all these things are our treasured memories and we still talk about our life in France ,every single day.We are still in regular contact  with our French neighbours and I am always recognized when I shop at Centre Le Clerc in Loudeac during our holidays.I receive AI by e-mail every Monday morning and because we, ourselves ,have been in so many of your present situations, I enjoy helping out where I can;that's perhaps why you see my name so often.We came back because of grandchildren appearing on the scene, but we still hold Loudeac & Pontivy so close to our hearts.....

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Posted by Mickrest - 4 years ago

I've moved back to the UK permanently - because of my wife's illness - but I still look at AI. I really enjoy my life in the UK at present, but then I also enjoyed life in France. There are plus points to both and I tend to avoid as much as possible the aspects I don't like.

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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

You're probably right.  No reason to use AI once they have moved back to UK.

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Posted by night&day - 4 years ago

well I disagree, we hear lots of opinions from those who live in France but hardly ever from those who have returned .thats my point, I wonder if once back in UK & making a life teye have no reason to use AI, but it would be interesting to hear from them

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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

This has been discussed a million times before.  It depends what you want out of life.