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Pension Changes for Women

Posted by chris22-401384 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Chris the cook -425443 - 3 years ago

Good news parliament are debating this petition on February 1st

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Posted by Lynne&Ham-782094 - 3 years ago


An excellent debate was held in Westminster Hall, December 2nd concerning this issue and proposed by Barbara Keeley MP. It made the issues very clear. The debate was well attended and there was support from MPs of all parties. You can watch the debate here:


One of the MPs who spoke in support during that debate was Tim Loughton (Cons) MP for East Worthing and Shoreham. He has also made a video expressing his views:


(He has made a slight error in that free prescriptions are still available at 60 for men and women in the UK and have not been delayed. However, of course that does not affect us in France.) Tim has said that he is happy to hear from anyone affected by this issue and not only those who are his constituents. This is great news for the British living abroad who may not have access to a British MP. It offers an opportunity to tell their story, express their support for the WASPI campaign and the need for fair transitional arrangements.

There are more than 47,300 signatures on the petition today. Please keep sharing about the campaign.

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Posted by chris22-401384 - 3 years ago

Patty: Second that!

Watty: Good that men and women will now need the same number of qualifying years and will get their pensions at the same age eventually but a shame that the government have made a hash of the transition process.

It's worth mentioning that the article in the online Connexion dated 26th November, whilst accurate for the most part, gives incorrect figures at the end of the article for the age that women born in the 1950's can receive their pension. They quote the ages given by the 1995 legislation. In 2011 further legislation pushed these dates back by another 18 months.

Paul Lewis, a financial journalist often on the Moneybox programme, has written a very clear explanation on how the pension changes affect women on his blog for 19th Novemeber. Google "Paul Lewis blogspot 19/11"

Above all, sign the WASPI petition and spread the word!

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Posted by Watty-794352 - 3 years ago

I would just like to point out (as I did in the previous discussion) that, although I am one of the 'lucky' ones who did receive my state pension at 60, I had to work 39 years to qualify for this.  (Men had to work 44 years, which always struck me as unfair.)  This qualifying period has now been reduced, so, although women (and men) will have to wait longer to receive their pensions, they do not have to work as many years.

This enables many people with a company pension to retire early and still receive the FULL state pension at the appropriate age, having paid their contributions for fewer years than many of us did. 

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Posted by patty-549001 - 3 years ago

Come on everyone, there must be more of us out there in the same boat!! More signatures needed!

Go WASPI.....

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Posted by Lynne&Ham-782094 - 3 years ago

Update: Following Baroness Joan Bakewell's appearance on BBC Breakfast news, 23rd November and her question in the house of Lords the same day  the numbers of signatures on the petition has been growing rapidly (currently at 39,500 plus). You will find the question, the comments from other Lords and the responses from Baroness Ros Altmann here: - (Scroll to 15.03 pm)



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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

I have never been notified at all and fall under the 2011 act. great for the Govt contacting us all to let us know not !!!!It still hasn't put me off going back lol

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Posted by chris22-401384 - 3 years ago


Baroness Joan Bakewell speaking about the issue yesterday on tv.

The government petition now has 39483 signatures.



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Posted by sunshinedays - 3 years ago

Women born 1955 have to wait 6 years longer to receive their pension. 

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Posted by Chris the cook -425443 - 3 years ago

I was born in October 1952, my pension was paid at age 62 years & 7 months. I was not notified by DWP of the change to my pension qualifying date, I found out from news coverage.

If the maximum increase in state pension age is 16 months from the 1995 table then how do they explain my wait of 31 months?

I will sign the petition and tell my friends