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advice on keeping sheep and or pigs

Posted by Lapin-436112 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

There are quite a few sites for small holders,if you Google them ,as for how long a sheep can live I believe they can live 13-14 yrs,but most in the freezer long before then,if you want the sheep to eat the brambles then I would suggest a more rustic breed,goat are great at eating brambles,but also eat every thing you don't want eaten,I think your wise to wait until next year for your pigs,I think the best time to buy is early spring feed them up for the freezer by late October,in the winter months you will be feeding them to keep themselves warm and not putting much weight on,you will need a sturdy fence for pigs,because if the do get out you will be suprised how fast they run.sabc15.

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Posted by Lapin-436112 - 3 years ago

Thanks for all the input.

FYI, we do have a large tractor with a large mower to mow the fields, but like the thought of keeping  or  2 or 3 sheep. they will have about 1 hectare and can rotate them to another field. We already have a shed for them and land is fenced of already. Just wanted to know about regulations etc and what bread to keep, male, female etc. I think we will leave the pigs for now as I understand sheep do eat brambles etc :)

We do not intend to bread with them, so I guess 2 females? And how old can they get? or if we want to eat them then at what age is best? I understand they need attention, no problem. We already have chickens and rabbits so not new to animals :)

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Posted by blotto - 3 years ago

Why go the expense of buying a tractor?  Our local farmer came to ask if we'd like our spare field cut, as he does the same for several villagers.  He'll now cut it twice a year for nowt, as he takes the vegetation for his cows.

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Posted by fortnum - 3 years ago

sorry  -     that ie  re  sheep dying  

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Posted by fortnum - 3 years ago

Rubbish    not if you use your common sense

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

I agree with george V,you can't just put them in a field and forget about them,they need a far bit of attention and are time consuming,think about how you are going to leave them when you are wanting a holiday,you can't put them in kennels,they will need attention whilst your away,as georgeV say's the new lamb rams you will need to band and get butchered for the freezer,so don't get too attached to them and certainly don't give them names,we have about 20 ewes and 4 castrated males and a ram,and have 22 hectare,but I still need a tractor and flail mower & topper that I use when the sheep have been move to another field,we cut our own hay,for the winter feed & buy approx 3 ton of bettrerave, (think I spelt that correctly) each winter,it certainly not cheaper than buying a joint at the Supermarket,but my lads enjoy the animals so there is an upside.good luck,sabc15.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

After reading these postings  might be cheaper and less hassle to buy a small tractor with a cutter.

or rent it out to someone that already has sheep that could do with the extra grazing.

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Posted by georgeV-988991 - 3 years ago

I kept sheep for quite some time and yes they were registered.  They are much less trouble than pigs which really need a strongly secure area to keep them in.  Even a few sheep need to be rotated between fields to ensure that there is sufficient grass and that the land is kept sweet for them and not infected with worms etc.  Even so in winter you will need to supplement their feed.

I presume you meant square metres.

They will also need treating for worms, hoofs trimming, coat sheering etc. and the occasional vet visit.

Breeding sheep can be a joyful practice but don't be tempted to put too many lambs and sheep on the land you have.

Electric fences do not work with sheep though they can be useful to keep Mr fox away.

Remember that sooner or later you have to get  the sheep killed and then enjoy eating them.

RAMs can be dangerous so best to borrow one for breeding if you can but inevitably if yu are breeding some of the lambs will be male.  Ensure you eat them before they are too old say within the first 10 months.

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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

avoican ,look in the Merck's  veterinary dictionary obviously published with NON country dwellers in mind ,sheep take up more than their share of space !P.S I think that Wiltshire and Somerset count as farming country as does Finistere ! 

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago


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