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Bedding for a dogs home?

Posted by Iguana Rock - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by wereback - 3 years ago

The Route of the problem of poor dogs/cats and other animals ending up in these refuges is cruel and irrisponsible people and mainly a government that does not impose more stricter and humane laws regarding keeping/breeding etc.You report an animal being treated cruely,tied up ,starved and you just get a shrug of the shoulders by the police.People like SoSad have no power.Its the lucky ones that get saved but sometime you have to ask your self if these animals ending up in refuges are actualy lucky as to be honest i think that refuges  can be just as traumatic for them.

We british may be soft touches but like to see owners live a few days the way they expect there animals to live.Outsde in all weathers mainly tied up,if there lucky a pallet to sleep on but without bedding etc.


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Posted by kerguen - 3 years ago

I would think the problem was not being able to wash the bedding - easier to clean a bench or plastic dog bed.

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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

I thought that too but it wasn't as sad as you think to be honest and if I didn't live so far away and have other committments I would volunteer myself. There are Brits volunteering there as well so if there was a problem then I'm sure we would have heard something. Like I said, the dogs are well cared for The issue with the beds and creature comforts is a cultural thing as dogs are usually not pampered in the way that Brits do. I know some do but in rural France they are there for a purpose and earn their keep. You can view the pens from the outside and check for yourself. Myself and another 2 people arrived in convoy and the volunteers were busy cleaning and were quite happy for us to walk around the  grounds to view the dogs. We all left our contact details in case of emergency ie they need funds, help or food. They very much welcome donations of dog food and also people can order online and have it delivered to the refuge. I know a few people did this last winter when there was a crisis. There is a lot of support from the locals and businesses both French and British.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

Thanks to you both for your responses. What a sad situation isn't it? I have never visited there as, honestly, I know that it would break my heart. 


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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

I doubt if they will want bedding as when I went up there last winter with all the donations of food, toys and beddiing that people had given me I discovered afterwards that they threw everything into a shed!!! I was a bit put out by that! The other lady with me saw what they did and then promptly asked for it back and said that she would give it to another animal charity! They did however keep the plastic dog beds and these were very well received. The dogs sadly sleep on cold concrete floors and many are elderly. There were not enough beds to go round when I visited so some dogs were in beds and others on the floor. The volunteers however do their best and at least the dogs are fed and the enclosures spotless and at least the dogs are not being put down just because there are too many of them. You could however contact the refuge on facebook and ask if they want bedding. The last I heard was that the page was run by the grand daughter of one of the elderly volunteers. Its mainly for adopting dogs though: https://www.facebook.com/APAA-de-Trégrom-764052903644728/

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Posted by colin22 - 3 years ago

I'd be pleasantly surprised if these poor dogs had beds, let alone bedding.  Hope I'm wrong.  

I hope someone from an animal refuge comes forward as its such a kind gesture.  

There are thousands of abandoned dogs and cats all over Brittany desperate to get out of these terrible places this winter.