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Posted by skydiver-437154 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kathyd2 - 3 years ago

For the cost of boarding 2 cats, you could probably get a pet sitter to come and stay in your house for a week ....

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Posted by rockandroll2 - 3 years ago

it is possible to blood test the cat to show the level of immunity .if covered the vet can supply a certificate to show this  which is legal..make sure the cattery has outdoor runs so they are not breathing the same air .this can stop localised viruses from spreading ,the problem with house minders is unless your cats are friendly with strangers they are likely to start looking for you and may stray. best of luck  

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Posted by nessiebear - 3 years ago

If you do go the route of getting another vet to vaccinate then probably best to have a vaccination excluding the FeLV vacc (feline leukaemia) unless your feral kitty has tested negative for FeLV. You can get the Nobivac vaccine called Tricat Trio which contains the 3 core vaccines. You will need to mention this to the vet though as generally they just go ahead and give the whole lot and it can cause problems with a cat with FeLV that you are unaware of.

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Posted by agente securite - 3 years ago

Chenil Patoral 02 98 81 49 04 ex pat owned highly reccomended with isolatiom pens for ferral . Near Carhaix

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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

Alternative to a cattery is someone who will come round and feed them on a daily basis. Look in the Pages Jaunes (pagesjaunes.fr) for your area under services animaliers or services aux animaux and you may well find someone. Or ask your vets if there is someone in your area who does this. We use such a service. It's cheaper than a cattery and the cats are happier in their own home and surroundings. The man who comes is great. He deals with the cat lit (I've got one very elderly cat) and feeds the birds for me too.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

You can try a french cattery/kennels  to be honest from what i have been told by some people who have put cats/dogs in there they dont seem to bother if they are vaccinated or not!

I certainly would question putting my animals into a place where vaccinations are not needed.

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Posted by skips-971657 - 3 years ago


I would also reccomend seeing another vet. It is really important to have your cat protected by vaccination before putting it into a cattery and any cattery should ask for proof of this. There has to be a pretty good reason not to vaccinate!

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Posted by crosswordwp-440767 - 3 years ago

Another vet is the answer!


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Posted by Spangle-410047 - 3 years ago

A friend of mine was in a similar situation. There's a boarding kennels/cattery not far from us. My friend explained her cat situation to them. They agreed to board her's but only because they had no other cats in at the time - they made it very clear it wouldn't have been possible when other cats are there. So, there are some catteries (probably those which have kennels attached) which are not always occupied and might accept your cats.  

In the one I mentioned, the cats are quite separate from the dogs and I would be surprised if they heard or would be disturbed by them.

Additionally, my dogs have been boarded there and I can thoroughly recommend the standard of care they received.

If you want the details, just let me know.  Good luck and hope you get sorted




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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

We have been in this situation with an elderly tamed feral cat, the mother of three of our own cats, and I have to say that I think without vaccinations catteries won't take the cat.

We have also been in the situation where a vet would not vaccinate this old cat, went to another vet who was more of a cat specialist and no problem.

Suggest you PM me for details.