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Comfortis - flea treatment - where to buy on line

Posted by pony1 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bretonne - 3 years ago

Washing doesn't kill the egg larvae ....  here's some useful advice -


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Posted by pony1 - 3 years ago

My vet offered me an aerosol can to treat the bedding but as they don't have a bed and sleep on the sofa and around the house I thought it a bit pointless as could I really cover everywhere with an aerosol!  May be I could just spray the sofa and wash the bedding and hope for the best!

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Posted by bretonne - 3 years ago

The comfortis treatment works but you still have to treat the environment as the flea eggs can remain dormant in the house, bedding, etc.  They hatch out, jump on the pet and the cycle starts again......

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Posted by ferrandiere - 3 years ago

We also found that the spot on treatments stopped working. We now use Seresto collars for both our dog and cat and have found them to be extremely effective. They last for 7-8 months, so although they cost around 23 euros it actually works out cheaper than things like Frontline or Advantix. They are available from vets or the internet.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

You can't buy it online - it's prescription only, but it's just about the only treatment that works now that frontline just doesn't work any more-you've ony got one cat - we've got six!