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Concept for Life cat food

Posted by No longer Online - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Whyme?-991477 - 3 years ago

Never tried the Concept for Life cat food (I rather my cats haven't) - but found Applaws with 80% protein very acceptable to my cats and very reasonably priced from Zooplus.

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Many thanks for replying.  When I did a "costing" this complete food works out cheaper than the tinned food I normally give them (and I can't seem to find a brand they really like).  I don't want to encourage them to be fussy! - but it's important they get the nutrients they need, hence my researching the "complete" foods. 

There are different flavours available so I don't think they would get bored.  Of course I won't know if the cats enjoy it until I buy some!! - that's why I was asking for any helpful advice before I do so.


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Posted by bretonne - 3 years ago

I suppose the first thing is - does your cat enjoy eating it .....? 

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Posted by bigphil71 - 3 years ago

All a cat needs for a healthy life is protein, so how you provide that is usually up to you, or your cat. Mine eat prawns, liver or heart, and I vary that with wet sachets from Netto < I know its cheap but they eat it all up which is the important thing > and they have croquettes in a dish for snacks and to give a bit of crunch. I have no knowledge of the one you mention but it SOUNDS expensive, although your posting suggests not. Give it a try..... your cat will soon tell you if its acceptable or not. Why not give cats a varied diet....... you would not want to eat the same thing day on day, so why should your cat ?