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feed the birds

Posted by apples-426462 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by bretonlion - 3 years ago


My friends ordered 2 x 20kg of peanuts from Croston Mill on Wednesday last week  ..

They arrived on Friday .. UK to Brittany .. just over two days .. incredible ..



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Posted by grumposgirl - 3 years ago

I would be interested to know the source of handy-mans advice. The rspb advice is as follows



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Posted by bcw66 - 3 years ago

Long may he do so 

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Posted by apples-426462 - 3 years ago

like blotto I feed all year round ,for the birds but also for my husband who is handicapped and loves to watch "his "birds feeding

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Posted by blotto - 3 years ago

Handyman - food for thought?  Not really, it's clear that feeding birds in France is far from a national pasttime.  I often wonder what our French neighbours think about our eccentric ways.  Anyway, it's done on such a small scale in the overall scheme of things that avian obesity, changing the food chain et al are the last things on my mind when all the birds need is some help to get through the winter.  We do feed throughout the year, however, because it gives us pleasure to watch them from the window when we're doing the washing up, etc.

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Posted by handy--man@hotmail.co.uk - 3 years ago

Should you feed wild birds ?

Many people consider it wrong to put out food for wild birds, for the following reasons :

It isn't necessary for the birds - except under very unusual circumstances when natural food supplies unexpectedly run out. Attracting birds into feeding areas in domestic gardens may increase the risk of attacks by predators such as cats, or birds of prey. The ingredients put out to attract birds may not be the ideal raw ingredients found in the birds natural ration, but easy availability may create "fad feeding" with the following consequences : The birds do not eat a complete or balanced ration, which could result in a nutritional deficiency or excess and disease Many of the ingredients which are frequently put out for birds (such as nuts) are very high in energy density and can cause obesity if eaten in any great quantity Birds may not hunt for their usual food if plenty is easily available from a garden feeding area -  which could have the following impact : The birds gets less activity - resulting in obesity The birds may not eat and disseminate the seeds of it's normal fruit foods - so altering the food-chain and even the whole mini-ecosystem surrounding dispersal of plant seeds The birds may develop an acquired preference for ingredients in the provided bird food which are not present in it's normal environment, and so it may develop a dependence on the supplementary food. Encouraging wild birds to frequent and feed in urban areas may permanently alter the birds natural behaviour patterns Providing an artificial source of food may dilute the effect of the Darwinian principle of "survival of the fittest" and so may adversely alter the genetic expression and future development of the species by allowing birds that would ordinarily perish to survive.

Notwithstanding these concerns most authorities , such as Wild Life Trusts across the UK, consider it is alright to feed wild birds, they often sell wild bird food and feeders, and some even advocate all-year-round feeding rather than feeding just in the winter.

Food for thought is it not?

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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

apples and everyone .......I was never trying to 'win' but rather simply add a contribution. I myself never buy peanuts for the wild birds so would not have a clue as to whether they are available in France or not. We feed them with mixed seed, sunflower seeds and fat balls.

Anyway it is heartening to see that many people also look out for them.

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Posted by bossbird - 3 years ago

Vivara  are not really an alternative to Croston due to price. For exammple to buy 30kg of sunflower kernals from Vivara would be 140 euros compared to £36.50 delivered price from Croston Mill.

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

www.vivara.fr  a British firm that delivers in France for free if your order is over €50

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 3 years ago

apples we bring over 2x20 kg bags of peanuts every year because we have never seen peanuts in any shape or form in Brittany and yes we have looked. We do however get cheap fat balls without the plastic nets virtually anywhere in Brittany where we live. The idea of non germinating seed feed will have to be looked into!