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Foreign languages and pets

Posted by mightymimi-923305 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by mightymimi-923305 - 3 years ago

Are we to say that cats are smarter than dogs???  And yes, cats will ignore you when they so choose.  

Dogs have masters, cats have staff :):):)


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Posted by Kenova - 3 years ago

My fiancé (English) and I (French) both have a dog, and they grew up bilingual. However, they will usually understand their human of reference's language first, so I will sometimes try to say "DOWN" to the fluffy Zelda who looks at me with the "dear god your accent is bad" look, and my boyfriend will try a manly "couché!" on my Loki, who looks at him patronizingly.

Usual dialog goes as follow:

Me: "Zelda, couché. couché. couché. DOWN damnit! DOWN! I said down. down. DOWWNNN!" *out of breath*

Boyfriend, from afar: "Zelda, down."

She lies down.

I give her a disgruntled look.

She looks at me like "aaaah that's what you wanted! You just had to say so!"

Horrible fluffy dog.


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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I have read that dogs really only repond to first two syllables .So no and non are almost the same for them ,assis and sit can be made to sound almost the same .I prefer to use a  a whistle for most of my commands and they obey them as it hides the emotion you are feeling at the time ,especially when deaf ears and good and interesting smells are involved.I think it carres further over a distance than your voice (certainly saves your voice ) .Who would prefer " a ta place " heal is shorter and sharper. But I do use "couchez " instead of lie down , for the same reason . 

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Posted by all4one-10057182 - 3 years ago

My dog was obtained from Vannes SPA when she was about 20 months old and until we returned to the UK she was always spoken to  or given commands in French as I wanted to ensure on the several occasions she was boarded she would obey. Today majority of commands are in English. However I think you that will find that it is not the actual words dogs respond to but the intonation of the voice that dogs will react to. I have tried commands in German and Spanish and she always obeys !! Or perhaps I just have an extra intelligent multi-lingual collie  !!

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Posted by unclemort - 3 years ago

We have just got a puppy from a refuge and when I asked if she spoke French or English I was told she speaks dog xxxx

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Posted by Jivedance-411773 - 3 years ago

Ours was abandoned outside our house. Understands French, English and the sound of food dropping in his bowl. He also barks in French and English, I think!

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Posted by Cumbrian-440719 - 3 years ago

Yes, ours sre all French , English and Welsh , trilingual. Think it's more to do with the tone of voice and body language!

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Our cat was acquired in Italy.It ignores every thing we tell it to do in any language;Do you think it is our accent?