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hens eating eggs

Posted by berger-423858 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Chrispy-108529 - 3 years ago

Substitute eggs, porcelain or plastic worked for me

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Posted by JohnnyVegas - 3 years ago

That last comment was really uncalled for.....

glad the crushed oyster shells seem to be working for you.

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Posted by Thunderbird one - 3 years ago

berger,If that doesnt work a lead injection behind the left or right ear normaly cures the problem.

You need a 22 pistol to inject it.

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Posted by berger-423858 - 3 years ago

Thanks to everyone who replied. I gave them some crushed oyster shells and vitamins in their drinking water and for the moment, it seems to have worked.

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Posted by cherylann morris - 3 years ago

Put golf balls in the nesting boxes.I have used this method as my chickens eat eggs from time to time.Always works.

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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

Lots of chickens get a taste for their eggs, whether or not they're being fed oyster shell or other calcium rich foods. 

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Posted by JohnnyVegas - 4 years ago

You need to ask yourself why? They are lacking calcium which they need to produce the egg shell.

Grit is used to help digest the food so although they need this it will not help with the egg situation.

You can buy crushed oyster shells from point vert or gamm vert etc, or you can crush your used egg shells up and mix it into their feed.

They know what they need in their diet and will change what they eat as they need it.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

Hi. English mustard or chili powder mixed with a little water did the trick for us.sabc15.

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Posted by stanellie-386907 - 4 years ago

Just a thought but are you sure its the chickens, we had a problem last year with magpies pinching and eating the eggs, they would come into the run, up the ramp and right into the back of the hen house to get them!

tried the mustard trick, it too a few days but worked.....used the cheapest discount brand of dijon mustard. 

Good luck!

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Posted by hanover63 - 4 years ago

This can be very frustrating. I had some hens that did this, they would queue up to attack the newly laid eggs. They were fed correctly, grit and all and the only way I saved some eggs was to construct a nest box in which when the egg was laid, rolled back out of reach.

In the end, they had to 'go' and were replaced by my current hens and no more problems.

Good luck