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Hornets 'fear not'

Posted by enthuisiasm - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by blotto - 4 years ago

The Mairie gave me the instructions for making my traps, there is obviously an official drive to reduce hornet numbers.  I have seen no signs of panic, and no thought of wiping hornets out completely.  My traps have caught another 8 frelons in 48 hours, I can only compliment the Mairie on their excellent guidance.

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 4 years ago

Mockthecasbh suggest you take time and read posts more carefully.

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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 4 years ago

I can't keep up with some of the posters on this thread. itwasntme wrote 'I for one would be first to report anyone killing them'. But then they go on to praise someone who says in their post that they do trap them.

No info from monkeynut either, was interested to see what their 'less complicated' with 'own pheromone' trap might be.

Beekeeper, thanks for taking the time to write that lot out.

Hornets do sting without provocation, have seen it happen.

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 4 years ago

Well put Beekeeper, especially the piece that says common hornets have a roll in nature and only take a small amount of bees which most bee keeper accept. but obviously not some of the ones posting here. Thankfully Beekeeper you seem to take the sensible approach and don't want to wipe out all the common hornets, let's hope others will now follow your lead. nature has a hard enough time competing against mankind.

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 4 years ago

beekeeper, thank you thank you!!!!!! keep the wonderful work up and we can live well into our hundreds

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Posted by Beekeeper-446653 - 4 years ago

Appologies for a couple of links not working!!!

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Posted by Beekeeper-446653 - 4 years ago

Hello, I have read all your comments and i am delighted to see the sensible approach. 

The asian hornet is here to stay and theres not much we can do about it, other than keep your colonies of honey bees as strong as possible,  trap queens in the spring and trap worker hornets  in the summer. The sooner we accept they are here to stay, the better !

a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_hornet">Common hornets "vespa Crabbo" have a definate role in nature. They predate a vast amount of flies, wasps and mosquitos, and thankfully only a few honey bees, which most beekeepers accept. 

i trap asians hornets in the spring, I am in Corseul and were only just getting a Asian queens in numbers this year and to date i have trapped well over 20.

The traps i use are non selective and i dont mind reducing a few common hornets nests in my area, as there is huge amounts of common hornets nest.

If you want to make a bottle trap just click on the link to strong>my blog and I am currently doing a bit on the common and asian hornet, discussing the problems and showing in detail how to make a really good, effective bottle trap including what to bait it with.(should be uploaded tonight i hope)

I also show you how to make it selective, by drilling a 7mm hole through the entrnce cap, This allows only the asian hornet through the hole and in to the trap, but does reduce the traps effectiveness a little.

Globally when a new invasive species appears it does very well for the first few years, due to lack of natural predators. However, already in the Girond area we are seeing an increae in the tiny predatory wasp Called a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conops_vesicularis">Canops Vesticularis  which seems to be having an effect on the number of colonies in the  area where it first came in. They are still keeping bees there!! so its not all doom and gloom. If we were to look at a snapshot of the honey bee populations over the last 5,000 yearts or longer, we would see rise and falls of the populations, where different pretators come in, diseases rise and fall, evoluition takes hold and the fittest survive. 

We have to try and control where posible but the problem with the asian hornet is that its very dynamic, protects its nest more effectively than the common hornet, it makers its final nesting place in the top of the highest tree canopy and abovall eats a diet of mainly pollinators which is the real problem. 

Its not actually more venomous than the common hornet, but because if its defense mechanism more people get attacked, with multiple stings!


I also want to point out that the Asian hornet is not the same as the Giant Asian Hornet which is again bigger, has deadly venom and  is currently not in france or europe and has been sensationalised in the press by ineducated halfwitts in the press, claiming its the Giant Asian Hornet.

Chris Luck who runsstrong> Planet Passion has a really good , non biased write up on his site and i reccommend yopu have a good look.

I hope this helps differentiate between the Common and the Asian Hornets. Its very easy to be confused as to which one is which!





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Posted by inthewoods - 4 years ago

Besides ladybugs or birds for you queenies, wasps are the best natural pest control for my garden.

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Posted by mechanician - 4 years ago

In respect of other posters here, Euro Hornets (Let us call them that apart from the Asian ones) do a good job of getting rid of wasps, as they attack them!  And  keep them down! 

No doubt someone will post about wasps!!

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Posted by Itwasntme-998041 - 4 years ago

kathyd2 Let' hope the whole of Europe follow suit with Germany and I for one would be first to report anyone killing them.