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Keeping dogs

Posted by geegee42 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Harry Dresden - 3 years ago

it depends how close you are - you are not allowed more than  5 dogs (and can't breed from them) if you are 50 metres or less away from habitation, water or children's play areas and schools.

If you have up to 9 then you must have a seperate kennels for them with suitable drainage and fencing. If you breed then you must register for cotisations solidarité with the MSA and 9-49 you have to have proper DSV approval and must register as professionals with the MSA.

The Mairie is correct - they are only allowed to do administration. If you want to make a fuss then your first point of call should be the DDSV (Département de direction des services vétérinaires) at your préfecture. But they can be seriously nasty so be sure you want to make an enemy of your neighbours or not before you go down that path.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

Hello you are allowed to have upto 9 dogs ,anything over 9 and kept in kennels must have the proper facilities such as a seperate fosse for the poo and also the kennels must have planning.

Elevage or kennel buildings should be at least 100 metres from the neigbouring property.

I think this is regardless of whether private person with dogs/ a breeder /or boarding kennels .

If you think something is not right and you are not having any joy from your mairie inform  the DDSV in your area.

If it is a potentiel elevage it must be registered with them regardless if it private land or not.

We were a kennels and cattery and we were required to be registered and had to do planning for our kennels.Our land is private land but we still had to do it,dont let this person get away with it.

All dogs deserve to be kept in a safe and clean inviroment regardless of being hunting dogs or not.


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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

Hi don't need any info now but for reference if anyone has similar problems all the info is on chiens-online.com,installation du un chenille, vos droits et obligations,makes interesting reading.