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Lost doberman

Posted by Twister - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

GREAT NEWS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Millisle - 3 years ago


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Posted by sprossie - 3 years ago

Really, really pleased at your news. I'm sure it was a long worrying journey for your husband not a wasted one though, he's seen Fletchers new home and also seen Fletch himself and can put your mind at rest with true facts

As I said beforeit must have been a difficult decision to part with him in the first place. Im just so pleased you've got your happy ending:)I

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Posted by Live&Love - 3 years ago

Excellent news. Now you can relax again

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Posted by PAT varney - 3 years ago

so happy for you all and well done to all those we tried to find him


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Posted by Exmansworthy-10052202 - 3 years ago

Knowing dogs as I do & also a little of Dobermans...I am sure your husbands journey was NOT wasted because I think Fletcher heard/smelt/knew the sound of his car/vehicle & then came back to his 2nd home. I am pleased there is a happy endings...bravo to all concerned.

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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 3 years ago

I am so glad your dog has been found safe and well. I am also glad that your husband managed to go there. You say he wasn't needed. How do you know that? The fact that your dog turned up 15 minutes after your husband got there could mean that the dog was nearby but too afraid to show himself. Do not underestimate the power of a dogs ability to smell things or to hear things or just plain "know" that your husband was nearby. Your husbands presence could have made the difference and I think you should hang on to that thought- yes 5 hours driving is costly in time and fuel but the feeling that you know you did all you could will more than make up for that. Please understand, the people who appeared to critise you were only doing it out of desperation, I'm sure no malice was intended. Good news all round.

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Posted by Twister - 3 years ago

Thank you to every one for your kinds words, and offers of help, and a massive huge thank you, to those that drove and walked for miles searching and calling for Fletch over the last couple of days.

He has now returned back to the house of the adopters, they called me to let me know.

My husband managed to get up there this morning to help with the search, (5 hour drive for him!) but it turned out, he was'nt needed, as Fletch turned up at the house, about 15mins after my husband got to the area!

Apparantly, he is a little skinny, and very smelly, so they have bathed him already, and seems to be very happy back at the house with his new family, playing with toys, and in typical doberman fashion, enjoyng all the fuss and attention he is getting!

To all of those that posted negative things, honestly, you do not know everybodies situations, and you cannot project what you can do, onto others, what is possible for some, is impossible for others. I stopped reading this thread, and haven't read back through the posts, because I have a feeling, there is going to be a lot of negativity, (if it hasn't been heavily moderated!)

We shall concentrate on the positive, and that is Fletch has found his way back, and he is happy and healthy, and this nightmare is now over.

Once again, thank you so much to all of you that have messaged me, with offers and advice, and to those of you that did a hell of a lot of ground work!

They say that the kindness of strangers is the best kind, and in this situation, it was truly humbling.

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Posted by Millisle - 3 years ago

Please God , you find him xx

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Posted by FreeSpiritSmallHolding - 3 years ago

According to Pet Alert, Fletcher has been spotted this morning between Locronan and Chateaulin.

I'm not sure if this will help - but it's how to send a voice message via google mail/email (I hope it helps - I never tried so no advice on how I'm afraid);