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moving to france with horses best area to go

Posted by shirley forder - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by JLJ-429896 - 4 years ago

We are in South Morbihan, not too near the coast and the grass grows here virtually all year. We also have really well draining soil so fields don't get poached. Further down the hill from us the grass still grows, but the soil has a lot higher clay content so not so good for cattle and horses. Cattle are kept out all year where the soil's right.

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Posted by pigandus - 4 years ago

Conversely, reading Horse & Hound online UK sounds terrifying, horrors about riding on roads, battles with fearsome cyclists, motorbikes and aggressive walkers and dogs and this all on the bridle paths. Not to mention terrible attacks on animals in fields. 

Personally never met any of that when in UK nor had any problems here  in all walks of life there are good and bad including vets and farriers  I am very happy with mine  

in our area a dearth of tack shops so tend to shop online  


why not rent for a year to see how it suits you?


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Posted by Chrispy-108529 - 4 years ago

You can stop the hunters very easily, but the hounds if following boar or deer may be a bit more difficult.  However, the hunt will lessen as it is for fit men and the traditional large game hunt is not recruiting young people while at the same time the older generation that forms the vast majority of hunters is dwindling. New legislation  and fines for new offences is also dissuading hunters. The burden for damage claims from farmers is falling on fewer shoulders with the result that annual fees are rising out of kilter with inflation.

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Posted by motorobin - 4 years ago

Hi Shirley,

Do ignore the comments from people who don't live in Brittany, it's certainly not cold, wet and miserable. I suggest you follow the link to the Haras in Hennebont, Morbihan and talk to the people there....  http://www.haras-hennebont.fr/  Their website is a bit sparse, and badly designed, but if you send them an email, you should receive a response that might be useful. Good Luck!

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

Tregadilet - I wondered if you were from that area. I'm a 'Lanson Maid' originally! Lots of my relatives still live in that area. We used ti spend a lot of time on Bodmin Moor and enjoy a nice drink and food at the Old Inn at St Breward!


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Posted by Tregadilet - 4 years ago

Oh Dear!

I have had 3 horses here over 15 years in Brtttany, and yes we have had  the  hunters (when they appear) on our property without asking (But the Marie have notice of this and warn do warn them). I have ridden out in the winter andI have  had very  few problems with the hunters or the  cars here, but like a lot of UK riders  I now use a  "Hi Viz" jacket and most of the  problems have stopped!  both on on roads and on our property , The  motorists here  see you in Hi viz gear and slow down (They think it is the Flic! ). When we we were in Cornwall on Bodmin Moor we had to jump out out of the way for the "Right  foot on pedal experts" there as there didnt seem to be a speed limit on Bodmin Moor ! (Cattle grids did slow them a wee  bit!!)   On the plus side The Vet and farrier  here in France are much cheaper for horses, but tack and  rugs are over the top , so get them  from UK. You will need to adjust your feeding to what is available here, English horse foods like "Spillers" and "Haylage"  cost wise can be way over over the top!

Lots of horsey people here, just ask!

Still riding at 70! and happy.

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Posted by MockTheCasbah-979852 - 4 years ago

Shirley, unfortunatey what you have heard is correct.

In the (long) hunting season it's not just horses, but people and other animals/pets can be in danger too.

Check out the hacking where you intend to move to as well, as good hacking can also be difficult to find.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

Landivisiau is the horsey capital of Finistere. If you search 'Cheval Landivisiau' you will get some information that you might find helpful. It also borders the Monts d'Arree so plenty of space to ride.

Do it! Live in Brittany is very good (and it doesn't rain all the time and is far nicer and quiter than Cornwall!).


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Posted by La Magdelaine - 4 years ago

There are no "areas" in France but departments & each has a number for your info.

But why Brittany..cold, wet & miserable just like Cornwall.

Horse country is Normandie or Pays de la Loire any dept adjacent to with so many Haras there are good knowledgeable vets & blacksmiths. No hunt has ever crossed my land in 24 years unless I count 2 old men with 3 Dachunds hunting for Dandelions Piss'en'Lit salade to go with their Ragodin pate & they went in 2 fields with no animals in at the time..