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neighbour's chickens

Posted by sunshinedays - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kidneybean - 4 years ago

Can't believe I just read that Farming brittany.   I think you need to remove the rose coloured spectacles and have a good look round.    If by any chance the statistics(if any exist) in France are lower than the UK's then it's only because no-one seems to know who to report cruelty cases to and if they do then it's almost impossible to get anyone to act on the complaint.   The French only this year introduced new animal welfare laws concerning domestic animals and changed their status from a 'thing' to an living creature that has needs and feelings.   I think that speaks for itself.   

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

People are simply stating their own experiences.  I the two area I have lived here there have always been several dogs wandering free, day and night, French owners.  Yesterday in fact there was a group of three outside my house crossing a very busy road between cars and lorries.  I'd bet if you told the French owners about it they would just shrug shoulders.

All the Brits I have met with dogs wouldn't dream of leaving their dog able to leave their premises unattended and take steps to contain them properly. 

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Posted by Yellowperill - 4 years ago

Tezzy Realy, (it IS mostly the French) what a statement what do you base that statement on? dont forget the UK has the most appauling animal cruelty record, for example

The animal welfare charity (RSPCA) investigated 159,831 complaints last year, over 6,000 more than in 2013.

Of these, one in eight cases – 20,258 complaints – involved alleged deliberate and often violent cruelty to animals, the RSPCA said

The Statistics speak for themselves,  I wish people would stop stereotyping our French hosts, why is it so many people on these sort of buletin boards state that the French are so bad, if they really think that why live here, 

On the whole the French look after there animals as well as the Brits if not better ,there are always exeptions of course. one would do well to remember where one lives and base there statements on evidence and facts rather than hearsay.

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 4 years ago


Bless you, caring and kind. 

There will be an access route to the chickens,if you took a bowl of bird seed and a couple of troughs of fresh water, and carefully shut the door behind you. The neighbours would be very pleased. Also the rabbits.

The lovliest people in the world genuinlely forget, or maybe someone has forgotten.

Dying for a drink, was hilighted recently. I have visited animals and watered them and took them food and not once have I been scorned for it. Just an appreciative nod!!!!!! go for it. 


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Posted by tezzy - 4 years ago

If my neighbour left there chickens without food etc whilst they went away theres no way i would ever trust them to look after my animals !!!! and yes english people do it too but it IS mostly french!!!

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Posted by kathyd2 - 4 years ago

I'd have to feed them too - couldn't watch them starve if I could do anything to help.  And ask your neighbour to  leave you some pellets next time they go away.  Do you have anything you can give them? 

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 4 years ago

If I was in that situation I would throw some old bread in and any scraps,replenish their water every couple of days,speak to your neighbours and offer to feed their chicken if they want to go away for a few days in future,only takes a few minutes and they may offer to check yours whilst your away,sabc15.

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Posted by sunshinedays - 4 years ago

I had thought about that but it doesn't surprise me if they have gone away. They had rabbits for eating and they didn't seem to have any water in their bottles and hardly any hay; they simply didn't seem to care or understand the needs of animals and eventually the rabbits were killed as it was too much work for them (his words). The poor things never left their cages so I'm glad that we no longer have to witness that. 

I have been round this morning and there is still some water in the plastic bowl and a very small amount of feed in the dangly thing. 

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Posted by la Musique - 4 years ago

If your neighbours didn't say they were going away then other possibilities spring to mind, including a car accident. Maybe you should enquire at the mairie.

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Posted by candid - 4 years ago

Would feed and water them if it was next door to me.Perhaps someone is supposed to be visiting but hasn't. It is not TYPICAL of the french to do this.anymore than it is typical of English people to cause cruelty in England.Generalisations like this are ridiculous..