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new kitten

Posted by berger-423858 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by berger-423858 - 3 years ago

The older cat is still a bit put out. He sometimes growls when the kitten is in the same room as him. However her arrival has made him more affectionate - he is always seeking cuddles.  He also stays outside for much shorter periods.

The two other kittens also found a good home. 

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Posted by molehunter - 3 years ago

We've had a kittten(s) abandoned at our gate for the last few years.  We have kept every one of them.  The resident cats have had their noses put out of joint for a few weeks or so with the new arrival but eventually accept that they are here to stay.  They all now sleep together and are the best of friends.  Don't worry about them as they will sort themselves out!

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Posted by berger-423858 - 3 years ago

Thanks for all your replies. Our two dogs seem to be accepting the kitten better than the older cat. However with time I think he will accept her.  He's sitting on my knee as I write this and she is downstairs.

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Yes she will need to stay in ideally & remeber she is capable of mating & carrying kittens from 5 months, so unless you want to increase your family then safest to keep her indoors until she has been spayed. 

It can take up to 2 months for some cats to accept new ones but it will more than likely happen a lot sooner, basically once she smells of his & his homes scents he will accept her much more easily. Play games with the 2 of them, pieces of string with bits of card tied on the end if you don't want to pay too much, the kitten will entertain you & your old fellow will watch intently & maybe even stretch a paw if the string comes near. Feed treats together & don't allow him to clear off out & avoid her totally. He will no doubtably put her in her place if she gets too lively & winter is a good time to find comfy place together & he may even give her a clean by spring :)


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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Give the kitten plenty of toys whilst she is kept in so she does not get bored or destructive but just as important is to give your other cat plenty of love affection and treats so he still feels secure in the family.I am sure then they will become good friends

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Posted by RHS35 - 3 years ago

Thats lovely you should be chuffed our feline friends can be real fussy, Shes chosen you to be her family.

No im not some potty mad cat woman on the contary we have a dog and all manner of pets but not ever a cat in over 30+ years as hubby allergic to them.

But a neutered Tom arrived in our garden (unchipped) friendly fella with poorly open wound on front paw. He belonged to no body but chose us. We popped him to the vets vaccinations stitched meds and nearly 70e lighter !!!! Hes happily asleep on our sofa hes a beautiful lad so affectionate and we love him.

Funny hubby isnt allergic to him either weirdly. Years ago he had itchy eyes hives and wheezes but no longer :)

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Posted by tigre-979768 - 3 years ago

Good for you for keeping her and taking care of her, I'm sure she'll give you a lot of pleasure. I hope the other two kittens found a good home.

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Posted by There and Back - 3 years ago

The same happened in our hamlet last October and so we took on a female kitten.  Our older male cat was a little wary at first but they soon became friends and the were grooming each other very quickly. I understand that older cats take to kittens quite easily and I know this to be true as I have had the same situation in the past.  Yes, keep the kitten indoors until the full injections have been given.  I found keeping her entertained difficult during this period until I purchased a toy mouse on the end of Rope! Hours of fun!  Best wishes to your new arrival.