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New Pet Passport rule.

Posted by GoneandDunit - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

This seems to only apply to passports issued in the uk and therefore the stamp on the rabies will not have the name and address of the vet it will just be a round red stamp with just there initials .So if you live in France and you take your dog/s back for the rabies vaccination it will just have the round red stamp and intials.

But if you have the Rabies and other vaccinations done in France they are always stamped by the vet with a stamp that has there name address on it  and it is also initialed.

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Posted by Cumbrian-440719 - 3 years ago

Thank you GoneandDunnit for taking the time to create that really helpful link. I will print it off and take it with me the next time I go to the vets when I will need a new passport for one of ours. It is also heartening to hear about the helpfulness of the staff at Eurotunnel as we are about to make our first trip with them with four dogs. I am glad you were able to travel in the end

Dibbyspot, the checking is now done only in France both by BF and Eurotunnel. This has been so for many years. I assume there are occasional spot checks but I haven,t ever encountered one.



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Posted by GoneandDunit - 3 years ago

Our dog has never been checked when entering at Portsmouth, why would they, if you have a passport for your animal which records that a vet has examined it and all is OK and has been verified at the French departure port.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Typical sadly the overpaid underperforming Border Force show an utter ineptitude in delivery service. The pet passport scheme is not effectively enforced by them  - 2 weeks ago at Portsmouth our dogs were not checked into UK as, "no Vet was on duty so no point"

This is an utter disgrace and makes a mockery of even bothering with the mickey mouse Border Force . If you cannot or will not enforce the law the law should not exist.