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Pasta and Rice

Posted by Millisle - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Whyme?-991477 - 3 years ago

Dogs are omnivores - cats are carnivores.

I would not feed my dogs pasta - it contains gluten and at least one of my dogs is allergic to it.  Would be happy to feed meat and rice though, with the odd raw carrot for crunch.


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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 3 years ago

as for keeping dogs teeth clean, we buy blankets from Emmaus for the dogs bedding and they in turn love tearing them to shreds--maybe it's a dog version of dental floss? seems to work and helps with the boredom factor on these rainy days.

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

How would you  keep the dogs teeth clean on this type of diet if no biscuits to crunch?.

It has been proved that only certain types of dry biscuit can cause cancer and renal failure however the renal failure which I have experienced in one of my dogs was not caused by the food she ate but a hidden cancer.

Pro-Plan and Purina and subsidies dry biscuits made by these companies are proven so just keep away from these plus always read the bag and feed no gluten like wheat - maize is acceptable. These porducts have also been proven to cause seizures in dogs - there is report on this on line.

I had a friend who always made his own dog food - using fish meal, maize, abbatoir meat - mainly chicken and herbs along with some vitamins but this is not practical today however his collies lived long healthy lives - a few lived till they were 20 plus years!!!

I would feed rice or pasta plus meat if there was something that would keep their teeth clean and didn't cost a fortune. Do not like raw bones as have had too many problems with them.

Any sugesstions?

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Have a look at this for bulk supples.


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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Millisle, I can bring some over for you in March. J

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 3 years ago

used to be able to get large sacks of both in Netto

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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 3 years ago

when we lived in Portugal  before the advent of Lidl or Aldi it was difficult to find dog biscuits in the shops. As we had more than a dozen rescue dogs we had also to feed cheaply, so for years we fed boiled rice or pasta with table scraps and/or a small portion of  tinned dog food and any veg peelings, ( not potatoes or tomatoes) All our hounds were healthy and lively on this diet.They also liked tinned sardines every so often.

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Posted by Millisle - 3 years ago

HI  Heavitree,

I am using the rice and pasta + meat!!! less of the dog biscuit.

I am sorry if I did not make it clear.

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Posted by Heavitree-431035 - 3 years ago

Have you considered that rice and pasta do not give your pets all the nutrients they require, vitamins ,protein minerals etc .

Dogs and cats are carnivores.

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Posted by Ivoire-444486 - 3 years ago

Apologies if you already know about this, but I'd recommend turmeric for your dogs. If you use facebook, check out the Turmeric User Group. Very helpful. Set up by a vet. Lots of useful info and advice.