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Pet Passport error

Posted by MellyMel - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by MellyMel - 3 years ago

great news for everybody who has not experienced any problems.

This is talking about the brand new type of pet passport. Not talking about old style.The new ones are different. If you have a new style passport it may just be worth checking. Once any vet stamps 'the' box, you will not be able to see the asterisk, so would not be able to see that the name and address entry has been missed whether you are still at the vets or sitting at the port.  Voila!

If you have travelled with your pets and perfect passport. Lovely.

If you know any pet with a new passport - it may be worth checking. Hopefully it will be perfectly completed, if not, you may be glad you checked before trying re entry to the UK - it may not be a problem this time, it may not be a problem next time, but it may only be a matter of which time, it may be a problem.

I am no expert, just saying what has happened to my friends.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

Coming back to this subject:

The only thing that i can see on the passport is:

The identification must be varified before any new entry is made on this passport.

Is this the box that needs to be stamped and signed by the vet?

I brought my 2 staffys over from the Uk(unfortunately one has died )

We have never been back to uk with any of our dogs.So obviously nothing like this could be pointed out to us.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

I dont quite understand i've looked on our dogs/cats  passports and all the vaccinations rabies and yearly ones have been stamped with there names and address and signed by our vet cant see anything that corrosponds to what you are saying.

Which is now worrying me because  we have 10 dogs and 3 cats and we will be returning for good back to the uk in October.

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 3 years ago

As most people would not know of an inccorectly completed passport, where can we find out what a correct one should contain?




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Posted by one4all-436374 - 3 years ago

It seems they are not capable of the simplest of admin tasks,

My dog also has a French passport and has made frequent trips back and forth to the UK without any issue and ALL details have always been correctly completed - surely it is just a matter of checking all is in order whilst still in the prescence of the Vet !!

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Posted by GoneandDunit - 3 years ago

Our dog has a French passport, three times we have nearly been refused a crossing to the UK because the French vet had not filled in correct details.

On our next visit to the vet we have to get her to correct yet another error.

It seems they are not capable of the simplest of admin tasks, we double check all details now before leaving the vet's.