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pet rehoming

Posted by anglophile-537788 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by mollypoodle60 - 3 years ago

well chook I did not start this thread of thought this time and yes in the past I have drawn attention to some postings but  have always seen some people are in an impossible situation but those people are often the ones doing the best they can to arrange rehoming before a crisis happens.

As I have said my beef is with the ones who neglect to do anything and lastly for anyone needing help to rehome apart from people like SO Sad there is a lady called Evelyn who has a website called doglinks fr.com which she helps to find homes for dogs in France what ever the circumstances and is not judgemental and very approachable

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Posted by PamandAndrew-390752 - 3 years ago

The problem is that now people will be too scared to put a posting on here so the 'do gooders' may have shot themselves in the foot which is often the case when it comes to this subject, unleashing mink into the countryside springs to mind. No-one wants to see cruelty, animals dumped or mistreated but that's a different subject...re-homing is sometimes the only option and I'm sure the 'majority' of owners are pretty upset when it comes to having to do this

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Posted by chook-387824 - 3 years ago

Yes mollypoodle60. People are being a little judgemental because of your previous post. So many people here need to go back for so many reasons and as, another poster said not all landlords in uk take aniamls. Also there are many other real  reasons that dogs need to be re housed

A number of years ago we had to re house one of our dogs. This was not because we did not want him any more. The reason was he had such a bad fight with his brother that ended in a very bloody situation. We knew they could not stay together. They either had to be kept seperate, causing a lot of poblems or one would end up being killed by the other. Thankfully he found a loving home.

The point I am making is that not all re housing postings are from people that do ot care

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Posted by mollypoodle60 - 3 years ago

True Spicy Munchkin we do have a lot of moans amongst us but good will is not just for christmas but how we choose to conduct our lives and treatment of all!!

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Posted by Spicy Munchkin - 3 years ago

Why does everyone moan on here?? sick of reading negative comments all the time. It is supposed to the Christmas, tis the season of good will 

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Posted by mollypoodle60 - 3 years ago

I think some people are being judgemental and yes Sabac I was not trying to be so because like cumbrian says we cannot be immortal and things happen those of that love our animals will do all we can to remome as kindly as possible my problem is with the ones that dump the dogs on roads outside refuges or locked up in deserted homes because they cannot face doing the right thing|||

i am single with 8 and have thought hard and long about the what if I get knocked over or shuffle off this earth so as far as possible I have made friends aware of my wishs for them and also in my will along side that I take in the elderly or fragile dogs that are probably in the  last months and years of life that would probably not be homed else where leaving younger dogs with longer lifespans to be more attractive when it comes to rehoming.and hopefully settle down happily.


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Posted by maidmarion-963376 - 3 years ago

Please, please can we all show a little more compassion on this subject.......not just for the pets looking for new homes but also for the owners struggling to do their best in whatever unexpected circumstances they find themselves. Should any of us with pets need to return to the UK (perhaps as a result of the pending referendum?) and move to rental accommodation, then we will all face the agonising decision of whether we can take our faithful friends (very few British landlords accept dogs, for example)  and, if not, how to do our best for their future.

Good luck to the original poster and their dog and a Happy and caring Christmas to everyone.

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Posted by zoe - 3 years ago

i know some of these adverts are from the rehoming centres and pounds.

they hardly ever write this on their adverts.

i have just adopted a lab who had been in the pound for 7 years.

he is so sweet and loving.

someone has missed out on all those years of love he could have given.

looking at our other dog play  with him you would think they had been pals for life.

it's always a shame they have to go from pillar to post before they find a forever home.

at least someone is trying to rehome an animal and not just leaving it out in the cold.

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Posted by Jewell - 3 years ago

"people tryng to do their best for pets they could no longer keep."

Exactly.  The judgmentalism on this issue is really unfair.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

My nearest English neighbours have left their French home to return to England. All they can afford is a small rented flat in Swindon. I can't see their lab finding that a lot of fun after the space he enjoyed in the French countryside. Reforming him would have been the better option.