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Pets and animals

Posted by John Rodney - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by badlittlemonkey - 3 years ago

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal." - Vicki Davis.

What wonderful people you are!

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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 3 years ago

Thank you John Rodney for doing what you did/ are 'doing for Tessa.

 I found a bitch in a similar condition when I lived in Portugal. I took her home and she slept for 2 days and when she woke up I was the first thing she saw and I was hers for ever and a day afterwards. I have never before or since received such love and adoration- of course, she received it back. How sad that people who use and abuse these lovely creatures do not have the ability to recognise the gift that they have on the end of the lead. Poor Mimi had not only been used as a breeder but had also been trained to hold a begging basket whilest her owner had begged in the tourist markets- all Mimi's teeth were worn away. We didn't have her long, her past neglect caught up with her but we are pleased that we had a year or two with her and the chance to make it up to her and she ended her days in the sun with plenty of food and love.  Bless you John Rodney, I hope you and Tessa have a long time together, you are a hero.

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Posted by tezzy - 3 years ago

A heart rendering story .dumping happens often,this person was probably a breeder but i expect not a registered one as if she was registered the breeder would not just be able to dump them,as they can be traced back as the owner and would need prove that this dog was given to or sold to another person.In most cases breeders would try to rehome them if not they would have them put to sleep.

Perhaps in your doggies case this person knew she had a heart condition and did not want to pay for the medication as pro or non pro breeders expect to recieve money not pay out.

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 3 years ago

What a lovely story!!!   And what a wonderful person you are for taking Tessa into your life!  Good luck...  she'll come around and chase the ball one day....