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Pets to France

Posted by paumel - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by paumel - 4 years ago

 Thanks for all the advice will get a passport to be on the safe side

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Posted by bretonne - 4 years ago

For all travel within the EU (including entry into France from the UK) the pet needs a microchip (with details entered by a vet in the pet passport) and a valid rabies vaccination.  You may or may not be asked to produce this on entering France but it is the legal requirement and there is the risk you may be refused entry without this. 

When the pet travels from France to the UK the regulations are here -


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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

Can't tell you recently what is the ruling but in 2006 Channel tunnel in the UK never ask for anything re pets.  Ferry companies in the UK, scan animals and want to see passports.

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Posted by DN-434538 - 4 years ago

The legislation is laid out on the following link.


The rules say, must be chipped, unless for older animals with tatoos clearly visible.

Current rabies vaccination.

European style passport.

But it seems that they are not always checked.

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Posted by AnniePoppiePie - 4 years ago

You DO NOT need a passport from England to France. We brought three cats with us when we moved here to Brittany from England. We brought them in a large cage by car through the Channel Tunnel and had to pay and additional "fare" of £15 per cat. Before we travelled, the vet gave them rabies injections but there was no need for a passport. The rabies injections were not compulsory but the vet recommended them as they were moving from a rabies-free country into a not-rabies-free country. Being responsible, loving owners we wanted to do what was best for our cats and took his advice.

We WOULD need passports to take them back to England. Your carrier will be able to advise you

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Posted by nvooght - 4 years ago

Regarding taking your pet to France, he/she would be better to abide by the returning to the UK rules & have a passport, he/she needs to be upto date with normal injections, seen by a vet IN FRANCE for the return journey ONLy, going out is not a problem it will be returning to the UK. At the port the English side will ask you to scan your dog whilst in the car ASSUMING you have not smuggled your pet into France without paying the ferry co for travel & a vet for the check up to return to England. You may encounter the English side (in France) preventing you from returning (impounding non return for 6 months) your pet to the UK if you have done none of the above.

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Posted by Oferyas-807188 - 4 years ago

We have had our dogs checked when leaving the UK many times. In addition to Brittany Ferries doing it, we have encountered roving DEFRA teams at Plymouth, Weymouth and (the equivalent body) in Jersey.

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Posted by sprossie - 4 years ago

Defra are changing the rules all the time. However you can email them and they will reply pretty quickly. I was of the understanding that you only needed the passport to re-enter the UK  therefore if you were going to live in France with your pet you wouldn't need a passport, however defra informed me that you need to abide by the accepting country ie France each country has its own rules and France specify you needed a passport. I dont know why other than its second proof of a fit animal and rabies vaccination.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

You do not say what pet?

For a cat the MINIMUM is passport and up to date rabies injection BOTH ways.


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Posted by GoneandDunit - 4 years ago



Hi Paumel, We have travelled to France from England with three dogs countless times and we have never been asked if we have dogs on board or asked for their passports. Defra site will tell you the rules, but if I was you I would get the pets the rabies injection, just to be on the safe side, cos you never know."

I would seriously like to know how you legally managed that?