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sheep grazing

Posted by fieldyswife1 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by helicopterrob - 3 years ago

Not a good idea to pick weeds to feed simply because many plants will be avoided by the animal.sheep.cow.horse when the plant is growing in the field  - when you pick them then some of the poisonous  plant such as ragwort then become quite a tasy morsel and just as damaging so the animal ends up eating something that is harmful and which it would otherwise have avoided.. Same reason here to make sure your fields are clear of ragwort in particular before you strim.cut.bale  or do anything else.

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Posted by Forweler - 3 years ago

Hi, don't have sheep but I suppliment feed for my pigs, goats and donkeys with a weed called "Fat Hen".

You can find all the detais of the plant on Wikkipedia. It is not poisonous as folk in some countries use it for human food.

Obviously do not overfed, I generally give a couple of plants to each animal morning and evening and they love it. They even like it if there is bindweed  attached.

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Posted by fieldyswife1 - 3 years ago

Thanks for that, i will not be picking any more weeds. it's just at the moment the patch that they are in hasn't any grass on due to the hot weather we have had and that is why we are having to supplement their diet. won't be a problem soon as we get the land back of the farmer who has been using it, so they will have more than enough grazing then

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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

I lost a ewe ( in-lamb) due to our neighbours throwing their weeds in our field. When she died I called the Vet in as it was the second ewe I had lost under supicous circumstances. he did an autopsy and the lab results said poison due to some poisonous plants it had eaten. Nothing on my land so the Vet said it must have been the weeds. He  said weeds in quantity should not be eaten by sheep especially picked ones. Of cours sheep may eat weeds in the field BUT they do not eat them in quantity unless you never clean your field.it is like you can feed silage to sheep but not newly mown grass given in quantity.

Having a very rustic breed now I only feed hay from Autumn to Spring but nothing else until they are back on grass. If a harsh winter I will supplement with pellets a month before lambing and conntinue till the lambs are about a month old if not back on grass.

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Posted by sabc15-427548 - 3 years ago

We don't feed supplements to our sheep,during the spring/summer and autumn,as they are grazing on the fields,I am sure they eat weeds that are in the grassland,in the winter months and at lambing time we feed some pellets and bettrave which we roughly chop,along with hay on demand,can't say I have noticed any wind problems,but saying that I tend not to linger around their rear ends.sabc15.