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SPA - Will they take a Stray Kitten?

Posted by There and Back - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by There and Back - 3 years ago

Thank you Alex, you do a great job and I hope your posting brings you some help and support.

I have taken in 5 stray cats in the last few years.  I have lost 4 of differing ages to FIV.  I had them all sterilised/neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated as I am a responsible owner but after all of the money spent on trying to keep them well and healthy, I lost them to FIV and cancer.   I have a male cat that is very much loved and cared for.  The kitten has caused me great stress this week as I have to travel back and forth to the UK and she cannot be left for my neighbour to feed unlike my male cat.  

After rea the replies, I decided not to take her to the SPA.

SPA responded to my email by telling me to go to the Mayors Office.  No one had reported a missing pedigree kitten. With no response to my posting asking for a "Forever home" for the kitten I had to take her to the vets for sterilisation and micro chip. She was also checked for FIV.  The tests came back negative and so we have started the vaccination process.  All this done for her well being and also because I have found myself in a situation that has caused great stress with the thought of having to keep her. I cannot leave the kitten at a cattery until she is fully vaccinated, so it will be another 4 weeks before I can resume my plans.  

I read a quote yesterday that said,  "In my darkest hour I reached for a hand and found a paw". How true that is.  A stressful week but at least I've saved another little soul, or has she saved me?

I am still looking for the ideal home for her whereby she will not have to spend time in a cattery.

Thank you to all for your replies.



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Posted by Tilla - 3 years ago

So after all that debate - what about this cat?  Where are you - how old do you think it is - I might take it if it fits in with the animals I already have.


By the way = SPA - we have had three dogs from them - they do OK.

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Posted by oakley-419073 - 3 years ago

Just have a look at the website anidonne and you will see hundreds of cats, dogs etc. to give away mainly from private people who are fed up with them, have puppies galore because they did not spade their dog, breeders who 'retire' their females who have had far too many litters and who are now old and need plenty of TLC.  So many of them are pedigree so what does that tell you? TLC is not to be found in many of these so called breeders kennels as  they are too old to breed and have outlived their financial gains.  It goes on and on and you just have to look on Le bon coin to find so many people asking for a fiancee for their animal only to make lots more and later, may be to be discarded.  Please anyone think about adopting a cat, dog and anything else because you will get love back tenfold. especially the older ones.

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Posted by demonhighwayman - 3 years ago

@ SLC The guy at SPA Pontivy was under investigation a few years ago because of money going missing. Also to show what a fine dog owner he was, when his own dog got too big for him he just chucked it in with the rest of the dogs at the SPA !

And I know it's been a few years since I was last there but it can't have changed that much, basic shelter and food is all they get. The first dog we got from them spent all his time in a small concrete cell, no blankets, no toys, no heat - just basic shelter and food.

The second dog we got was pretty old (15 years old+) and would be put out in the yard at the entrance for feeding time but as he was old and weak the other dogs could and would easily push in to take his food. He was skin and bone when we got him indirectly through a dog charity who were afraid he would not survive the winter between the cold concrete cells and not getting enough to eat.

You have to pass the cat pen going in to the place and the thing that always stuck in my mind was them all being crammed in to a large cage the way they were, admittedly they had been given a tree branch to climb on but cats need space as they are very territorial so i'd imagine a lot of them leave with deep mental scars.

I guess i'm saying that the SPA should be considered a last resort if you find a stray but if your looking for a pet then the SPA should be your first stop.

@ Altodoit, I am in complete agreement about people paying for breeds, not only for the reasons you have mentioned but also for all the health problems breeds suffer from. It is about time us humans stopped being so damned greedy at the expense of others.


--Rant Over--

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Posted by slc-405203 - 3 years ago

I'd just like to echo that I think SPA and other organisations like them do a very good job in very difficult circumstances.

We've taken two stray kittens to SPA Pontivy on separate occasions - one of which was rehomed, the other had to be euthanised because it turned out to have cat flu.  Last summer when I visited there was a large, rather old-looking white cat, which was probably a pedigree but had a face a bit like a pug dog, sitting in reception.  It was not in  cage and was very, very friendly, but I think not really the sort of cat most people would want to adopt.  But,when I looked at the SPA website this summer, I noticed that this cat had in fact been rehomed.  So, I don't believe that SPA will have cats put down as a matter of course.  And surely, as Alex says, a cat/kitten is better off having regular food and shelter, than being left to its own devices.




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Posted by Altodoit - 3 years ago




We're the charity shop in Poullaouen. We don't actually take kittens in. Some have been dumped (on us in a fishing net at the front door) and we had to rescue some from a lady's house in Poullaouen because she'd been hospitalised and the cats had all just been left to starve to death. Over 20 of them in total. Some of them had kittens, some that were in early pregnancy had to have abortions, some were in such a starved state they were convulsing and we had to have them euthanased. It was a nightmare. We had no choice but to intervene. They've all been sterilised and vaccinated and we're now in the process of trying to rehome them. One man brought a kitten in with its placenta attached and I had no choice but to take it on. Another man brought in three kittens and I managed to get them into a shelter. I helped another couple catch seven kittens in their garden which I also managed to place. But, I have to try and get the word out there that we're a charity shop and not an animal refuge. I've been getting phone calls almost every day about cats, kittens and dogs. I always try to do my best and find a solution for them, but it's getting a bit too much for me. I have 8 cats and 3 dogs of my own to take care of. They're all rescues with their own particular weird and wonderful problems and I have to do my best by them. When a sick animal (unvaccinated) is dumped at the shop or at my house, it risks the health of all my animals. We just don't have the facilities to cope. It's been a real problem this summer and if it wasn't for one of my volunteers taking most of the kittens and cats into her own home, I don't know what we would have done. I'm going to create a booklet with the names and contact details of all the SPAs in the region and make it available at the shop. It's true that they've been inundated this summer with abandoned/unwanted animals. It's very depressing. But, I can't be an option for people. The shop is there to make money to give to animal refuges (we're doing very well at that part!). We can't be a port of call for unwanted animals or I'm just going to end up in a big mess. The SPAs are not the enemy. They really do their best (the ones we work with in any case). If they have to put animals to sleep, it's because there is no other option. Taking those cats to the vets for abortions was very distressing, but there was no other choice. Until people start sterilising their animals and stop breeding pure-breeds (which people continue to pay a fortune for)... this will continue. A kitten is better off being put to sleep than living out of bins and full of disease. Don't pay for breeds, adopt at your local shelter, sterilise your animals. Sorry for the rant. It's just that I find it very hard to say no and it's all been a bit too much this summer. You can of course contact meand I will give you possibilities and if you want me to make phone calls for you in French, I'm more than happy to do that, but please don't let Les Puces be known as somewhere animals can be brought. Come and donate your stuff, buy from us... (it's a lovely shop) and it all goes to helping animal shelters. We give 1000 eur a month to shelters on average. If you have unwanted blankets, bedding etc... I can take that to the shelters for you. I love doing that! Sometimes, it seems like the stray animal problem in insurmountable, but if we all continue to do our very best, we can help. Good luck with this kitten. There's a link above that might help. Feel free to contact me if you need me to make some calls for you. Alex. :-)

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Posted by skydiver-437154 - 3 years ago

hi,   please try putting up ads in shops / supermarkets.     shelters ARE the end of these cats.  they only keep them for so long......THEN. .?    please do your best.

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Posted by demonhighwayman - 3 years ago

I have to agree with everyone else about the SPA, they are horrible places and the animals only seem to get a few months before they are executed. What area do you stay in ? as I can ask around to see if anyone is looking for a kitten. You could also advertise it in the classifieds.

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Posted by Live&Love - 3 years ago

Oh no don't take her to the spa. I'm read on here about a charity shop open somewhere that took in some kittens, maybe they could help you.  I'm thinking they were callac or  poaullen way not much help I know.

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Posted by oakley-419073 - 3 years ago

If you cannot keep her it would be better if you try and rehome her.  The SPA's are terrible places for a little kitten and are always full it seems. Even in a SPA they will put down lots of them.    Can you put adverts up in your local shops.  It's a shame noone seems to think it's important to spay cats when there are far too many kitten and strays around.