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Taking your Pet Abroad? a survey

Posted by Dave Fox - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by shepherdscrook - 3 years ago

I have travelled all over France with my dogs and have never had a problem finding pet friendly hotels, Gîtes or B&B's. if the room isn't suitable they stay in their cage in the car however most of them are.

I have also a cover with me as in most hotels the rooms are small so they lie on the bed so always cover the bed.I make sure the dogs are clean though sometimes it is raining very heavily so it cannot be helped but do also carry a large towel to dry them off.

Most hotels and some B&B's charge you for the pleasure of accepting your dog which I do not mind as long as it isn't excessive.


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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

As both a gite owner and pet owner who has taken their furbabies on holiday loads of times I would like to offer my perspective. 

When looking for accommodation around Brittany that would accept pets my husband and I really struggled as often the only accommodation available was suitable for large parties which came with the price tag to match it! We spent ages searching and even emailed owners directly to explain that we had a well behaved pet and would take precautions ie covers on furniture and of course would pay a larger damage deposit. Still no. Eventually found somewhere accommodating that didn't actively promote that they were pet friendly but not only did they welcome us all with welcome arms, we were given a discount for under occupancy. We were also allowed to leave our pet in the accommodation.

We have however had no problem with hotel chains like F1 and Ibis as they both accept pets but not good for a long stay due to the size of the room. 

I am now a gite owner and as our accommodation is easy to clean because it is tiled throughout I accept well behaved pets, in fact I have just had guests check in with a large black alsatian. I take a security deposit and also charge extra for additional cleaning. I keep separate bed linen for guests staying with pets as this reduces the allergy risk. All of our rugs are machine washable and the sofa is leather so no risk of hairs getting into the fabric. I always ask guests if their pet is likely to go on the furniture so I know whether to cover the bed and sofa to protect them. 

I have no way of knowing whether being pet friendly puts guests off but I have had loads of guests staying with dogs, mainly French and also Italian. The guests have always taken their dog with them when they go out but I would consider their request if they asked as will all depend on the temprement of the dog and how long they are out for. Most restaurants, cafes and tea rooms accept dogs here so not really been an issue so far. 

I make it very clear that I expect the accommodation to be left in the condition that it was found in and that a refund of the security deposit is dependent on that. It will never be left in the exact same clean standard that I have but as long as they try their best, that's fine with me. It does take longer to clean afterwards though as dog hair goes everywhere! 

To date I've not had any bookings from British pet owners and I did carry out a survey on a UK pet friendly accommodation facebook page and it seems that many people are put off by cost as well as the unknown. Many do not like the idea of leaving their pet in the car on a long ferry crossing or putting them into the onboard kennels. The only crossing that has pet friendly cabins is the Portsmouth - Le Havre one and then of course it is a long drive to some parts of Brittany. The very pet friendly Eurotunnel again is a long drive to Brittany. It took my parents 9 hours with comfort breaks for their 2 dogs. The concesus that I got though was that it was perceived as being far too stressful and expensive. As the owners of 2 dogs my parents report that it is cheaper to bring them here than leave them in kennels in the UK plus they have peace of mind when the dogs are with them and it makes their holiday more enjoyable.

Personally I used to always travel out of season so this never changed when I travelled with pets.


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Posted by Burt Lancaster - 3 years ago

Not quite sure what your objective is here but if it was for advertising a holiday let you would have to look at it from both way's.  I like dogs etc but am somewhat allergic to them and so are others in the family, I for one wouldn't wan't to end up in a room where dogs have previously been as no matter how well cleaned the place is the presence of the animal will always be there.

What i'm trying to say is that if you allow in pets you may well loose other clients.

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Posted by Dave Fox - 3 years ago

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply - just wandering to re-word my promotional material, good info gleaned, well done!

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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I travel with mine in their cages ,if not possible to have the cages in the room , not a ground floor room for example and no lift , I leave them in the car in a corner of the car park .Obviously I look for hotels with secure car parks .Travel all over France as they are competition dogs ,also quite as they are labs and anyway too exhausted to bark after a hard days working in the field.

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Posted by Cumbrian-440719 - 3 years ago

With the huge increase in dog ownership in the UK and many people now preferring to have their dogs with them on holiday, I can imagine that there will be a significant increase in demand for dog friendly accommodation and for more than one dog. We have four dogs and a maison secondaire - we wouldn't contemplate using kennels - so either have family to dog sit or stay home with them.My daughter's dog goes everywhere with her and she may soon have 2. She goes to France August/ September and uses gites. So far she ha found it okay.

The problem with cottage / gite accommodation is that you can't  leave your animal when you go out as you would at home - it is too unfamiliar for them and gites are so nicely set up that i'd worry my dog would leave hair/ have an accident. At home we are dog -proofed!! It  is more of a problem in the summer. Perfect would be a cottage with a "dog room" and a secure outdoor run and garden..

 In the Uk now people will spend on their dogs. Most people medically insure them at a cost of at least £400 a year. Kennel fees are expensive. Even the 100 euro medical/ transport cost of taking a dog will be considerably less than kennel fees so financially it would make sense , as well, to pay a bit more for the right kind of accommodation.

Well that's my wish - to be able to go on a proper holiday with my 4 lively boys and girls - I'm still not sure anyone would want us!

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Posted by one4all-436374 - 3 years ago

I have organised holidays with and without my dog and have never found it a major issue when I wanted to include the dog, a simple search "animaux accepté" or "pets welcome" is usually sufficient.

Without searching "for "pet friendly" sites specifically most businesses, gites, hotels etc. state in their descriptions or conditions whether or not animals are accepted. 

When I can't take the dog she stays "en famille" and after frequent stays is happy and content to do so.

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Posted by buttermaker - 3 years ago

I'm not an animal person but I have noticed that most of the accommodation that I have used in France allow pets.

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Posted by Monkeynut-937976 - 3 years ago

As a dog owner with 3 small non malting ones we usually get problems accommodating them even though you know your own animals etc , you can still be penalised by having them and we have faced issues in the past trying to find places .

mine don't go upstairs or on furniture but I can understand the worry of owners when they don't know them like we do.

from my experience and ex hotel owner and a landlord of a lot of property in the uk , it's never the animals that are the issue , it's always the adults who have mostly worse behavioural problems than the animals .

i must say once though on one of my property rentals a few years back where I stipulated no pets , the prospective tenants rang me to say they wanted to get a goldfish and would that be ok ???!!!!!



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Posted by flowergirl64 - 3 years ago

I have a gite where dogs are  welcome  with well  behaved  owners 

I have  not  had  any  problems  with  the four legged guests .