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Travelling with Horses from Brittany to UK

Posted by bella-382361 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

They sound experienced so why not just them about breaks etc?

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Posted by wereback - 3 years ago

So if you have already chose this person who takes racehorses to and from the uk to france etc why have you put this posting on surely they should know of stop off points etc.

As for DEFRA this person will have to go through them so why complain about them?

Sounds to me you dont trust this person you have decided to go through either!!!

But good luck and hope your horses get to there destination safley.

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Posted by bella-382361 - 3 years ago

Thankyou  for the replys but may be I should have phrased the question in a different way.

Do you know of a stop-off point (lairage) somewhere near Calais and, if so, what were the stables like? 

The horses will be travelling through the channel tunnel with a first class horse transporter who takes racehorses backwards and forwards through there every week. It does cost a lot more but I am happy they can do it.  The transporter has no reason to lie to me about that.      As I have been offered a place to go with them I am going to take up the offer.  It's a 40 foot lorry.  Do not want them to go over the channel and I cannot trust the ferry companies to take due care and attention as regards to livestock and I would hate them to be stuck in that dark, horrible and stuffy  place for all those hours.    However, I did use the ferry twice when I brought over a horse and a pony on two occasions.

As for Defra -  they are completely useless and ruin people's lives..  Ask them a simple question and they cannot answer. 

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Posted by wereback - 3 years ago

Yes John Parker was the one i used on one occasion,they were very good.

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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

When we brought ours over the ferry comapny would not let the horses on the ferry if bad weather was expected so you don't have to worry about that aspect.


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Posted by simone2-422892 - 3 years ago

, Hi, I use John Parker to bring my horses over to Brittany,They were brillant they came off the lorry looking like they had been just up the road,They have different stop offs from Calais if they get delayed so the horses can rest,I was tolded no livestock are allowed in the channel tunnel.

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Posted by wereback - 3 years ago

As Far as i know they do not take horses in the Channel tunnel as the lorry would have to go freight and animals are not allowed on freight.

I have on 2 occasions had a horse(youngsters) brought over from the Uk to brittany .There are a few  very good international horse transporters registered with DEFRA ,they know what there doing both times my youngsters arrived relaxed and  they were well looked after.They do arrange stop overs if nessesary depending where the horses have come from and going too.